problem with implementing widget via the_content()

hey guys, I really need you help with this one. I'm using the subscribe2 Plugin (for email subscriptions). I want to show the signup form as a widget. The plugin author recommends doing it the following way. $content = apply_filters('the_content', '<!--subscribe2-->'); $content = remove_filter('the_content', 'page_route'); echo $content; this works fine, ....

Theo Theo: 3 hours ago


Shortcode in widget is printing before the title

{This question is marked as duplicate but i think my question and answer to it is much simpler then the original one} Hi i have this following code that is showing before the widget title. For what i understand from my research is that i have to use return, but ....

Luna Luna: 3 hours ago


Website not listed under Sites (in a Network environment)

I have a Wordpress network installed, and the first website I created is not listed under the Sites entry in the top horizontal menu. The second website I created is, along with the parent website. If I go to Network > Sites, the first website is listed, and I can ....

Madison Madison: 3 hours ago


localhost on iPhone not loading images

I have created a localhost version of my wordpress site on my mac. I now want to test it on various devices over my WLAN network. So, as per other posts on here, I changed this in my wp-config.php define('WP_HOME','http://localhost:8888'); define('WP_SITEURL','http://localhost:8888'); to define('WP_HOME',''); define('WP_SITEURL',''); This works as far as it ....

Arya Arya: 3 hours ago


Using a collection of IDs to Get Records using FLOW

I am trying to Get multiple contacts from Flow by using a collection of IDs. In the below image I am looping through each opportunity contact and adding the Contact Id to a collection. Then I want to get all contacts whose IDs are in the collection. In APEX this ....

Anthony Anthony: 3 hours ago


2 site collections in the same web app, but only one gets crawled, why?

There is a root web application https://webapp.domain.com And it hosts 2 host-named site collections https://sites.domain.com https://teams.domain.com "webapp" is the Content Source. The crawl log show "sites" has numerous "Successes" and "teams" has 0 activity. This is a rebuilt Search Service Application configured identical to the predecessor and have NOT had ....

Christopher Christopher: 3 hours ago


Why is "starts with vowel sound" checkbox not available?

I'm creating custom objects in a developer org. I see in the docs that there is a checkbox for "starts with vowel sound". However I don't see it in my org. Instead, I have a combo box asking for the gender of the object. This is curious 'cause that kind ....

Gabriella Gabriella: 3 hours ago

Craft CMS

Is It Possible To Make Titles Optional?

I've got a Quick Post widget for notes (tweet-like posts). Is there any way to make the titles optional? I've tried adding the id as an auto-generated title but it doesn't appear to work? Update: It actually appears that the auto-generated title is now working (thanks to carlcs) but it ....

Nova Nova: 3 hours ago


How to add custom metadata to the files of Onedrive?

I indexed some sample html, pdf, text files into Onedrive.I need to add new properties fileds and values to those files. How can i do this. can anyone please suggest a solution. ....

Levi Levi: 3 hours ago

Craft CMS

Is it possible to output the name of a Matrix Block?

I'd like to output the Names of Matrix Blocks. I know you can filter by block types (http://buildwithcraft.com/docs/matrix-fields#filtering-by-block-type) e.g. {% for block in entry.myMatrixField.type('text, heading') %} {% if block.type == "heading" %} <h3>{{ block.heading }}</h3> {% else %} {{ block.text | markdown }} {% endif %} {% endfor %} I ....

Victoria Victoria: 3 hours ago