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Webform CiviCRM - add to group option

We all know the Drupal Webform CiviCRM auto add to group option. But how do we allow a user to select which groups they get added to? Specifically I'd like them to opt in/out to a newsletter. Thanks! ....

Eli Eli: Just now


CiviReport 'insufficient permission' error running financial report after update to 4.7.29

Only since upgrading CiviCRM to 4.7.29 from 4.7.11 (on Drupal), one of my users with 'editor' role is unable to run a financial report. The error she sees is: "API permission check failed for FinancialAccount/get call; insufficient permission: require administer CiviCRM" I can't believe she should need full admin rights ....

Emma Emma: 5 hours ago


Mosaico with WordPress Unexpected errors

I am working with the Mosaico extension in WordPress with Civi 4.7.20. If I go to build a template the template builder loads OK. I get several errors when working on the template. When a template loads the image placement areas do not show an image and if I upload ....

Landon Landon: 5 hours ago


Membership renewal not updating contributions correctly

When doing back office "offline" membership renewals (cash, cheque, phone) we have recently noticed that when we select "Renew" from the "Active Membership" window the membership dates are updated correctly but the contribution is recorded as 0.00. I just ran a test and created a new member with a cash ....

Christian Christian: 6 hours ago


Is it OK to drop database triggers in order to run a process?

I've spotted at least one process in CiviCRM that drop triggers on certain tables in order to run a process. For example: Is this a bug? If an operation happens simultaneously that would affect the table which has had its triggers removed, wouldn't that cause data integrity issues, or ....

Owen Owen: 9 hours ago


Civicrm report:Bar chart and Pie chart support for different modules

Does civicrm support bar & pie chart report for all modules?? and if not then can we do it with custom templates? ....

Ava Ava: 11 hours ago


How to remove contact from group using CiviCRM Entity and Drupal Rules

It seems like it should be possible to use Civicrm Entity and Rules to remove a contact from a group, but I don't know how to fetch and change the status of the contact in the CiviCRM Group. The best I've managed is setting the "is_active" flag on the group, ....

Hailey Hailey: 12 hours ago


Are there potential problems with per-subdomain installs?

I'm being forced to break up one CiviCRM (in Drupal) database into several separate ones, and it seems that using subdomains would be the most elegant way to do so. That is to say I would copy to,, and Then I'd change the base URL and ....

Owen Owen: 14 hours ago


Error in CRM_Contact_Form_Relationship->setEmploymentRelationship() when saving an edited relationship

When editing and then saving a relationship, the AJAX overlay hangs with the spinning symbol. If the page is refreshed, the 'Relationship record has been updated." notification is shown and the change is saved in the DB Console shows: POST 500 (Service unavailable (with message)) In syslog I'm getting ....

Landon Landon: 15 hours ago


activity dashlet not showing results

On the dashboard, the activity dashlet is not showing any results for me. I havent heard anyone on this system ever seeing results there. There is no ajax error, but the snippet it calls is civicrm/ajax/contactactivity?snippet=4&context=dashlet&cid=3 (3 is me) .. if I call that directly, it returns an error Sorry ....

Jaxson Jaxson: 15 hours ago