How do I search for all unsubscribed e-mails across any/all groups

Newbie question: How do I search for all unsubscribed e-mails across any/all groups? I would also like to mark e-mail addresses if they're unsubscribed from an imported list. How do I do this? Thanks! Adam ....

Colton Colton: 17 hours ago


CiviCRM Entity, Display tags name in contact

Here's what I'm trying to do. I installed CiviCRM with CiviCRM Entities. + few other modules. At Structure -> CiviCRM Entity -> CiviCRM Contact -> Add custom field (CiviCRM Entity Reference) I did add a custom field called tags. Connected to Tag Entity. It will appear in display. But tags ....

Penelope Penelope: 17 hours ago


How do I put a thermometer on a contribution page?

My organization occasionally does one-off fundraising drives for specific situations where we need to raise a certain amount of money (e.g. "Send our youth employees to the US Social Forum"). Creating a new contribution page makes sense here. But we'd like to have a thermometer on the page. Using a ....

Colton Colton: 19 hours ago


Emails get stuck on send. How do I debug it?

I can send emails individually, but bulk emails never seem to work right. I've had no luck troubleshooting it, so I created a test group and added my own contact user to it and verified that it has my email set to home and primary. I created a new mailing ....

Micah Micah: 20 hours ago


How to update multiple records with API?

For doing updates to multiple contacts using the API, is there a better way than this? $res = civicrm_api3('Contact', 'get', $params); foreach ($res as $contact) { civicrm_api3('Contact', 'create', array('id' => $contact, ... )) } For a large number of contacts, this is slow and eventually runs out of memory. ....

Valentina Valentina: 21 hours ago


Error loading module file () - Wordpress

I have just upgraded a CiviCRM install on Wordpress. Went from Civi 4.5x to 4.6.5. The site uses L10n (EN / FR). I had two error messages when I first finished the upgrade. One was: "civicrm Unknown extension: net.ourpowerbase.sumfields" That one seems to have resolved itself. The other is: "Error ....

Everly Everly: 22 hours ago


What is the Membership type 'domain' in the api?

The API explorer shows something promising: Apparently, each membership type can be connected to a 'domain' which is a contact ? What exactly is it, and how could I assign these domains to a membership type ? The backend interface does not seem to mention it. anything to do with ....

Ethan Ethan: yesterday


A report for monthly newsletter subscription rates? (need advice)

I've been trying to think of a way to create a report to see the total number of subscribers to our newsletter on a monthly basis. Any ideas? I've hit the wall. ....

Gabriel Gabriel: yesterday


Soft credits created via API/hook_civicrm_post are automatically deleted in Civi 4.6

I have a custom extension "Automatic Soft Credit", which replicates a function from Raiser's Edge - if contact A has the relationship "Automatically Soft Credits" to contact B, then any contributions for contact A will automatically be soft credited to contact B. In Civi 4.4, this function worked fine. In ....

Layla Layla: yesterday


Opt out bulk email option ignored

With our CRM the unsubscribe button adds a user opt out for the bulk emails. The CRM still sends bulk emails to people who use the unsubscribe button or has the do not email and opt out of bulk email options. Any help would be great. ....

Wyatt Wyatt: yesterday