Credit Card Verification Number Fails

Running CiviCRM 4.6.3 with Drupal 7.38. In CiviEvent I am not able to get any 3 digit card verification number to pass the test payment processor in Test-drive or Live. Using 4111 1111 1111 1111 as the test card number. Continue to receive "Please enter a valid Card Verification Number". ....

Hudson Hudson: yesterday


Contributions made via Charitable gift funds

My organization sometimes receives gifts from Donor Advised Gift Funds. We need to thank the individuals who are in the contacts table but also need to mention the source of the gift as being the Donor Advised fund. What is the best way to enter a contribution received in this ....

Paisley Paisley: yesterday


Exporting Contacts - Reporting?

Is there a way to save different reports? ie. the fields wanted to export? so you don't have to enter those in every single time you do an export? ....

Sebastian Sebastian: yesterday


Newspaper Action DB integration?

Has anyone integrated a newspaper action page (e.g., site visitor puts in zip code and page shows local, regional, statewide options for writing a letter to the editor)? If so, where might one get access to a portion of that database for a specific state? Thanks! We are using CiviCRM ....

Dylan Dylan: yesterday


Recommended set up for Individuals -> Member of Organisation -> State Governing Body

This may not be the best forum to ask the following - so let me know if I have this wrong and let me know how best to proceed. (FYI I'm in Australia and using Joomla 3.5.1) I have been looking around for ages for a tool to manage our ....

Sophia Sophia: yesterday


Menu problem when web host upgraded from CPanel to Site Tools

Recently, my host provider Siteground ( upgraded the back-end of my site from using a classic CPanel to the new and improved Site Tools. Upon the upgrade, the main CiviCRM 5.34.0 menu no longer appeared in my Drupal 7.78 instance. Also, icons with ? showed up as unknown boxes. After ....

Miles Miles: yesterday


What to do with "mcrypt" message after upgrading to PHP 7.2

What should I do about the following message in my CiviCRM status page, after upgrading to CiviCRM 5.3.0, PHP 7.2 from 5.6, and also upgrading my OS from Debian 8 to Debian 9: PHP Missing Extension "mcrypt". Your PHP does not include the recommended encryption functions. Some passwords will not ....

Brooklyn Brooklyn: 2 days ago


How do I get Views working with CiviCRM and Backdrop?

I followed the instructions for getting Views working with Drupal but it's not working in Backdrop. I see: SQLSTATE: Base table or view not found: 1146 Table 'database_name.civicrm_contact' doesn't exist ....

Willow Willow: 2 days ago


Where can I see the database upgrade script?

I want to see which indices were supposed to be created in the last upgrade I ran because I get a status report message saying that some indices are missing, but when I click "Update Indices" I get an error saying "DB Error: already exists". So I'm pretty sure some ....

Xavier Xavier: 2 days ago


Sorting by clicking on column headers

I'm evaluating CiviCRM for my organization and noticed something about the demo report tables that concerns me. Hopefully I'm just missing something. Do I have to create a new report or modify an existing one in order to change the sort order of a field? For example, I'd like to ....

Waylon Waylon: 2 days ago