How to get IATS working

Seems that IATS will not work using extension 1.5.3 - It logs the transaction in CiviCRM but never makes a connection with IATS. I'm not sure it is even connecting with the network. Any clue folks? ....

Addison Addison: 2 days ago


Cannot install CiviCRM 4.7.21 on WordPress/Drupal

Wanting to do a clean install of CiviCRM, I thought I should use version 4.7.21. I am using a clean install of WordPress 4.8 with no other plugins. I get the error message below when I go to the configure screen (....<civicrm directory>/civicrm/install/index.php) and all the database checks appear red ....

Sebastian Sebastian: 2 days ago


Signature error using AWS SNS/SMS to send SMS message using Civi extension - uk.compucorp.civicrm.amazonsns

AWS Error - Error Sending SMS through Amazon SNS : - The request signature we calculated does not match the signature you provided. Using amazonsns extension. Can send individual messages using AWS console but errors when sending individual or mass sms from Civi. AWS user has full permissions for SNS. ....

Landon Landon: 2 days ago


Activities to be shown in a full calendar

CiviCRM 4.62 on Drupal 7.37 in a Linux Virtual Box using only the CiviCASE module. I need a full calendar view for civiCRM activities. I need a page with month, week and day views for the current user. I also need the calendar to have the ability to easily select ....

Zoey Zoey: 2 days ago


CiviHR/hrbank: Incorrect datetime value: '0' for column 'created_date

I'm trying to install the hrbank extension of CiviHR 1.3.0 on a CiviCRM 4.7.13/Ubuntu 16.04/Php7 stack. I get the error "DB Error: unknown error" The stacktrace in the ConfigAndLog directory shows that a value 0 is used for the date_created field of the civicrm_custom_group, and apparently that is not allowed: ....

Austin Austin: 2 days ago


How do I access the JavaScript API via a WordPress theme template?

I've taken a look at the docs here under "Use on Non-CiviCRM Pages" but I'm coming up empty when trying to access the CRM object via JavaScript. In functions.php I've tried this: civicrm_initialize(); $manager = CRM_Core_Resources::singleton(); $manager->addCoreResources(); $manager->addScriptUrl(path-to-ajax.js); // looking around through the available scripts this seemed the obvious ....

Harper Harper: 2 days ago


How to have both credit card and Pay later option in webform

I'm using Webform instead of the core module for a contribution because of conditionals and I don't succeed in finding a way to have the "pay later" option. I only see Stripe payment processor. I tried the webform_Payment module but this is actually not what I need. How do I ....

Zoey Zoey: 2 days ago


Issues with recording donation refunds

If a donor makes a credit card donation that is later reversed/refunded, what is the best way to record this? Just delete the gift? Can you record a negative gift amount to offset the refund? ....

Kennedy Kennedy: 2 days ago


Bulk Import of Membership Dues

Hi this is our first season with CiviCRM. Our data is uploaded and getting to grips with updating processes. Our process is annual membership collected in cash and banked in tranches. The user front end is not really appropriate for the bulk process, manually looking up a member, renewing the ....

Roman Roman: 2 days ago


Upgraded to 5.4, Donor Report fails with bad sql. Status_id is missing

Upgraded from 4.6.38 to 5.4.0 in a test env. The Donor Report (Summary) and (Detail) both fail on this piece of sql SELECT id, title FROM civicrm_batch WHERE item_count >= 1 AND status_id != ORDER BY title Clearly the status_id is missing. I then upgraded to 5.5.0 hoping maybe that ....

Jeremiah Jeremiah: 2 days ago