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Relative Asset URL

I'm looking to output the relative URL of my assets instead of the full URL with domain for my Imgix config. As imgix puts it in their docs: Currently, my assets are rendering like so: Looking at this as my code:{{ image.FeaturedImage.url }} Is there a way ....

Santiago Santiago: 54 minutes ago

Craft CMS

How to fetch all assets that are in use, via a specific field

We have a channel of entries which all include the same asset field. We are trying to fetch all assets that are actively in use, ergo the assets which have been linked to any of the entries in the channel via the specified asset field. If possible we would also ....

Lucy Lucy: 1 hour ago

Craft CMS

Installing Moodle to a Craft CMS server

I was wondering if anyone had any experience in installing Moodle to a server that already had a CraftCMS website installed onto it? I've followed the instructions on the Moodle Installation Guide ( (I put the Moodle files in the CraftCMS template folder) but when I get to the part ....

Santiago Santiago: 2 hours ago

Craft CMS

Animated GIFs not working in Craft with ImageMagick installed

When I upload a GIF I either get the first frame or a garbled image ( Looking around at similar questions, Craft needs ImageMagick installed to properly transform GIFs after upload. I can confirm ImageMagick is installed and being used as the image driver ( Server has php-imagick and imagemagick ....

Thomas Thomas: 3 hours ago

Craft CMS

Query entries relatedTo multiple categories in controller

I have an AJAX GET call that should count all the products matching three different taxonomies. Product families Sectors of application Liquids suitable for the product so in the form the user could select pumps, agriculture, diesel and the controller called should count the products that matches all those criteria. ....

Quinn Quinn: 4 hours ago

Craft CMS

On entry save/update, centered text returns to left in rich text field

How am I to center text with in the rich text field type? It centers while I'm editing, then returns to left align on save (and on output). I feel like I'm missing something obvious here... ....

Ryan Ryan: 9 hours ago

Craft CMS

What are the advantages/disadvantages of the various cloud storage solutions for assets?

When setting up a new assets source, Craft allows you to natively connect to one of these cloud storage solutions (assuming you're using the Craft Pro edition): Amazon S3 Google Cloud Storage Rackspace Cloud Files I know that the answer may be subjective, but want to hear pros & cons ....

Jeremiah Jeremiah: 11 hours ago

Craft CMS

Changing the frontend sorting according to different fields

I am creating a site that has a list of events that I need to be able to sort by different fields. I know how to do it statically in my templates but I want to enable it in the front end. For the example, each event will have three ....

Layla Layla: 11 hours ago

Craft CMS

What's are some best practices for building a site structure with multiple locations?

First time building a site with Craft, but a long time admirer. Just wanted to know the best way to approach an educational site that has many locations, and then have a news section, etc. in each one. Not sure the best approach in regards to creating sections to achieve ....

Logan Logan: 12 hours ago

Craft CMS

How should a multi-stage editorial process be implemented in Craft?

I'm building an editorial system on Craft which has 6-8 editorial stages, such as Assignment, Initial Proofing, Secondary Proofing, etc. It seems that the simplest solution would be to have the current stage be a custom field. I'd like to build this system entirely using Craft's backend so I don't ....

Rowan Rowan: 13 hours ago