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Invalid plugin: No plugin exists with the handle - Craft 3

I had an issue with my site running Craft 3.1.15 where I wasn't able to update the site to the most recent 3.1.16, and also wasn't able to install any plugins. Every plugin I tried would throw this error: Blockquote Invalid plugin: No plugin exists with the handle "plugin-slug" I ....

Arya Arya: 12 hours ago

Craft CMS

Searching for any keyword in query

I have the following text search input field: <form action="{{ url('search') }}"> <input type="search" name="q" placeholder="Search"> </form> I would like to search each keyword in the user's query with the OR logic as per Craft docs ( salty OR dog containing either “salty” or “dog” (or both). How can I ....

Elena Elena: 13 hours ago

Craft CMS

Where can I run custom PHP scripts?

My Craft CMS installation has public and craft in the root of the directory, with the domain pointing to the public folder. Where could I put custom PHP scripts that I can run in the browser? I've tried it in the craft/templates folder (/craft/templates/m53ford). In this folder I can see ....

Rowan Rowan: 15 hours ago

Craft CMS

Global Site Variables (Static Page?)

On various Craft sites, I've needed to provide my clients with access to certain variables used across the site. Things like open hours, specific seasonal color palettes, on / off operation toggles. In the past I have made a Static page that has a single table field with name and ....

Muhammad Muhammad: 16 hours ago

Craft CMS

Best Approach to all unique groups of users to edit unique groups of entries in 1 channel

I've got a request to let front end users edit entries in 1 section, but only if the entries are related to their user group - so different users will have ability edit a different subset of entries in the same section. group A could edit entries 1,3,10,12 group B ....

Nora Nora: 17 hours ago

Craft CMS

Upgrade Redactor?

How soon is the Craft team planning to upgrade to the latest version of Redactor? Redactor version 10.0 introduced some breaking changes and new formatting options, which are not backwards compatible. The Craft docs ( link to Redactor V10 docs, which don't apply to Craft's version (9.2.6), and I can't ....

Dylan Dylan: 18 hours ago

Craft CMS

Overwrite value in object in array

I'm strangely having trouble with this simple Twig merge problem and can't find anything online. Simplified, let's say you had: {% set users = %} How would you change, for example, Tim's age from 30 to 31? I've tried: {% set users = users|merge({age: 31}) %} {{ }}: {{ ....

Greyson Greyson: 22 hours ago

Craft CMS

Create Plugin to generate PDF files from content

Rather than render content out as HTML, I need to create PDFs for a project I'm working on. I was planning on using TCPDF ( in a custom plugin, but having played around with it a little, it does seem very limited it terms of the HTML/CSS you can throw ....

Carter Carter: 23 hours ago

Craft CMS

Image Transforms - Image not processed until second page refresh

I'm new to Craft, and am not sure whether I've got something weird happening or if what I'm experiencing is expected behavior. I notice that when I add new entries containing image assets that get transformed (using a control panel transform in this case), that the images don't get transformed ....

Harper Harper: yesterday

Craft CMS

How should an index page be setup/defined in Craft?

Site construct question... I have categories. Craft knows where to find the template for a category - i.e. markets/{slug}. But I also have a Markets (categories) page with the first 6 entries for each category (market). The template is markets/index.html. The same holds true for and index page with all ....

Santiago Santiago: yesterday