Craft CMS

Image Transforms - Image not processed until second page refresh

I'm new to Craft, and am not sure whether I've got something weird happening or if what I'm experiencing is expected behavior. I notice that when I add new entries containing image assets that get transformed (using a control panel transform in this case), that the images don't get transformed ....

Harper Harper: yesterday

Craft CMS

How should an index page be setup/defined in Craft?

Site construct question... I have categories. Craft knows where to find the template for a category - i.e. markets/{slug}. But I also have a Markets (categories) page with the first 6 entries for each category (market). The template is markets/index.html. The same holds true for and index page with all ....

Santiago Santiago: yesterday

Craft CMS

With Matrix blocks how can i get the column names

From a craft matrix block how do i get the field names when no data has yet been entered? i can write: $o_matrix_block->getContent()->getAttributeConfigs(); this will give me an array: Array ( => Array ( => 11 => -2147483648 => 2147483647 => 0 => number => => 10 => integer ) ....

Julian Julian: yesterday

Craft CMS

Unable to delete some entries

It is weird that I can delete some entires in the app but some I can't. When selecting specific entry to delete, I don't see the option to delete it. I only have "edit entry" and "view entry". In some other entries I have the "delete..." option as well. Why ....

Miles Miles: yesterday

Craft CMS

How to query/filter by the value of a lightswitch

In my news entries, I have a lightswitch field with the handle 'pinned'. I'm trying to query my news section for both pinned and unpinned news entries (true or false essentially), but I can't get consistent results with any of the following: {% set pinnedNews = craft.entries().section('news').pinned('1').all() %} {% set ....

Brooklyn Brooklyn: yesterday

Craft CMS

Depreceated warning after Craft 3 CMS updated to 3.1.31

Message: The defineComponents event on CraftVariable has been deprecated. Use the init event to register custom components instead. Origin: /vendor/craftcms/cms/src/web/twig/Extension.php:1026 Here is the full stack trace: 24 Deprecation error: The `defineComponents` event on CraftVariable has been deprecated. Use the `init` event to register custom components instead. Called from /var/www/vhosts/FWS/ 23 ....

Nova Nova: yesterday

Craft CMS

User Registration Form Redirect not working Craft 2.5

I'm using the following code but the redirect is not working. After the user registers it takes them back to the home page and not to volunteer/identity. I put a message on the homepage to display if the user is logged in and it appears that they are logged it ....

Joseph Joseph: yesterday

Craft CMS

Programaticaly create entry with simpleMaps field

In a plugin I am writing, I am importing data from a older system and part of it is latitude and longitude data. One of the fields in Craft is a simpleMap ( field where that data will go. I would like to create a new entry that has a ....

Jaxon Jaxon: yesterday

Craft CMS

Does Craft CMS support 'encryption at rest' / 'data at rest' encryption?

Does Craft CMS support 'encryption at rest' / 'data at rest' encryption? I've looked here (, here (, and here ( - but can't find any info on this. Explain like I'm 5. Thanks. ....

Isabella Isabella: yesterday

Craft CMS

Using variable references to fields in a template

I have a situation where Matrix within Matrix ( would be ideal, but instead we've ended up with a Matrix row that has pairs of fields up to a maximum of 6: quote1 attribution1 … quoteN attributionN … quote6 attribution6 Rather than work through each pair… {% if matrixBlock.quote1|length %} ....

Jameson Jameson: yesterday