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Sprig "Load more" not loading over https

I've recently added an SSL to the site I'm working on, and it seems to have broken my "load more" buttons via sprig ( When I click the button now, I get Blocked loading mixed active content “” and Cross-Origin Request Blocked: The Same Origin Policy disallows reading the remote ....

Luna Luna: yesterday

Craft CMS

How to pull out all user data in a template?

I'm trying to pull out user data in a template for specified user profiles whilst the current user is logged in. To do this I check on the userId being referenced and use: {% if userId != %} {% set userProfile = %} {% endif %} This returns ....

Sophie Sophie: yesterday

Craft CMS

Updating Craft removed a channel from the CMS?

Anyone experienced this problem? I have a dev site set up which we updated to 2.4.2702. After updating one of my section channels has disappeared from the CMS. The entries for the channel are still showing and I can see the channel set up in craft_sections on the database so ....

Aaron Aaron: yesterday

Craft CMS

Unchecking Rich Text option to clean up HTML still cleaning?

We've unchecked the clean HTML feature on a few rich text fields but our attempts to add some html (span tags) keep getting cleaned out. Is there another setting we should be looking for? ....

Claire Claire: yesterday

Craft CMS

How can I limit a list based on a custom date field

I a trying to display a simple event listing. I set up a custom date field called eventDate to note when the event happens. This code delivers me the list of events sorted by eventDate: {% for event in craft.entries.find({section: 'events', order: 'eventDate'}) %} <a class="eventSummary" href="{{ event.url }}"> <span ....

Daniel Daniel: yesterday

Craft CMS

Adding tel: links using Redactor

Is there a way to add tel: links in the Redactor WYSIWYG? I tried Link > Insert link to enter tel:+43123456789 as URL, but all I got was <a>+43123456789</a>. The href is missing. ....

Leo Leo: yesterday

Craft CMS

Load More Entries Button

I am trying to make my entry loop have a load more button, and not sure how to do it. I tried the method from but I could not get it to work. Below is the code for my entry loop and "Load More" button. What would be the ....

Ellie Ellie: yesterday

Craft CMS

Setting a proxy?

Is there a config setting to be able to set a proxy in Craft? WordPress has something like this... define('WP_PROXY_HOST', 'url_here); define('WP_PROXY_PORT', 'port_here'); I was thinking a config setting like the following would be great... 'setProxy' => array( 'host' => 'url_here', 'port' => 'port_here' ), Thanks, David ....

Audrey Audrey: yesterday

Craft CMS

SQL Error (Feed Me) when matching entries

I'm currently getting the following error when matching on an entry field. Offers Test: SQLSTATE: Undefined function: 7 ERROR: operator does not exist: integer ~~ unknown LINE 3: WHERE "id" LIKE $1 ^ HINT: No operator matches the given name and argument type(s). You might need to add explicit type ....

Caleb Caleb: 2 days ago

Craft CMS

Custom Field Type with Multiple Values

I'd like to create a field type for my plugin called "location" with two text boxes: one that holds a coordinate for latitude, and one for longitude. I haven't figured out yet how to map those two values from HTML input elements in a template to a JSON array in ....

Avery Avery: 2 days ago