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Email sending doesn't work through Webform

I'm trying to get drupal webform to send confirmation emails to logged in users after they validated a booking form. (Windows and IIS Server) I monitored Drupal Log reports/dblog and got this: Notice : Undefined index: und in eval() (line 22 in C:\.....\modules\php\php.module(80) : eval()'d code) Also, after submitting the ....

Ryan Ryan: 14 minutes ago


Access the blog from the main menu

I want to add a link in the main menu to Blog a whole, ie the blog you go all blog entries of all users. I use the blog module and yes I can insert the access to different users blogs, but not the general blog. I do not know ....

Emma Emma: 23 minutes ago


How to integrate captcha to multi page webform

I have integrated a multi step form through the drupal webform modules. Need to add a captcha at the end of the form. I have used captcha module for it..but while enabling the module and assigning the form id from the backend it is adding the captcha to each step ....

Melody Melody: 1 hour ago


Where to change default translation language for drupal 7 while using entity translation module?

I'm doing some translations, but I'm not sure how to change the "original content" to english. I can't seem to find a setting to change it to english. Anyone knows where to go for this? ....

Ella Ella: 2 hours ago


Featured image for teasers?

I have a client who is an architect. I've created a content type called "project" that allows them to select multiple images to display on a page. These project items get promoted to the home page as teasers, however I'd like the customer to be able to select a featured ....

Wyatt Wyatt: 2 hours ago


How to on Multisite manage users over 1 site

My client need 13 Pages with different domains, so we decided to make different DBs with same codebase. Now, he want to manage the users (admin, editors) over 1 site, so he can select which user has access to which site. We tested CAS which works so far but i'm ....

Claire Claire: 2 hours ago


Automatic base URL not picking up https://

My Drupal site is using https:// but the base URL is not using it. My site therefore is not opening properly. Is there any way to make Drupal pick up the correct base URL? I tried adding $base_url in settings.php but it's giving me this error: GET https://example.com/js/admin_menu/cache/6599fa6c7ea0ac232a88eaa63e957878 404 (Not ....

Asher Asher: 3 hours ago


Sharing the same templates by importing PHP files: Where should I store those PHP files?

I want to be able to just edit standard PHP files which are then imported into many themes. I feel like a module is an overkill, so I'm happy with just a folder of files. ....

Arya Arya: 3 hours ago


Is there a way to make image and text alternate between rows?

In Drupal theme, the content would have image and title which will have image on left and text on right in Display Suite under view in each row. The client wants: In first row, the image will be on left and text will be right. Next row, text on left ....

Jaxon Jaxon: 3 hours ago


How to filter views output base on custom field

I've created a view listing a content type named foo, it has a custom field 'start_date' which can be left blank. When a node's start_date field is left blank, it should always show in the listing. When it's populated, and the date is less than the current date - then ....

Paisley Paisley: 3 hours ago