How to prevent a field with thousands of files from loading on Edit operation?

I have a process running that renders a PDF to PNGs and attaches those PNGs to a file field. There is one PDF's results per node, but there we have a bunch of PDFs with 10,000+ pages. We've found that this results in the operation of loading an edit form ....

Ivy Ivy: 2 hours ago


Creating child nodes when creating parent

I'm trying to implement creation of child nodes programmatically in hook_submit when creating parent nodes according to the parent node field value. Here is the idea. Parent node: field_stages (unlimited count). I want to create new "stage" nodes when I've added new parent node and save a reference to these ....

Zoe Zoe: 3 hours ago


Allow users to choose which layout to be applied

Is there any way to allow users to choose which layout to be applied (Omit the given media queries) for the Omega theme? For example, ESPN has a switcher for choosing the layout: When browsing in iPad, it has a link to switch to desktop. Do you have any idea ....

Raelynn Raelynn: 4 hours ago


Admin menu sometimes doesn't show up

I'm having some strange issues with the Drupal admin menu system. I can't reproduce it reliably, but these are the steps that usually cause the problem: Go to /user and log in. This works as expected and redirects me to the user page, where I see the admin menu. Navigate ....

Theo Theo: 4 hours ago


Selecting correct entities and fields in Rules

I am using the Rules interface to set up some rules about a booking site I am building. (using AGReservations+Ubercart in Drupal 7) I have a field called Duration which is part of an entity called Reservation, which is itself is part of Ubercart's Order entity. I am having trouble ....

Eliana Eliana: 4 hours ago


Content: Has taxonomy term ID depth modifier

Answer to my question was found here: Show all child nodes of a taxonomy term D7 (https://drupal.stackexchange.com/questions/70851/show-all-child-nodes-of-a-taxonomy-term-d7). But I'm not able to understand the use case of the second option: "Content: Has taxonomy term ID depth modifier" as in the figure. ....

Elijah Elijah: 4 hours ago


Is there a module or configuration that logs PHP mail errors?

On shared hosting. We're having strange mail problems... mails do not get sent to various domains or are delayed. It seems to happen more in Webforms than in Notify_message actions in Rules. Is there a way to log the PHP mail() error messages without hacking the MimeMail module? The Drupal ....

Eliana Eliana: 4 hours ago


Is there a way to limit / enforce permissions on image style downloads?

I have a few image styles that I only want certain node types to be able to view because certain images on my site have an open license for use and so I have a style for a large image gallery view, while others do not and so they shouldn't ....

Ayla Ayla: 5 hours ago


Purpose of the Tag field on Add View page?

Under the Tag field on the Add View Page is such note: Enter an optional tag for this view; it is used only to help sort views on the administrative page. But I also noticed that when I fill this field out another template becomes available with tagname in it's ....

Isla Isla: 6 hours ago


Drupal 8 block css add

I am using a fresh D8 install. I have created a custom block with a token which I have added to a header. The block is themes from somewhere to float left. If I, through "inspect" in the browser, add an element to float right. All my spacing works out ....

Caleb Caleb: 6 hours ago