Unable to see URL path setting menu for a user edit page

I want to see "URL path setting" tab which appears while editing any content, but can't see it while editing a user. need help or suggestion regarding this. thanks ....

Andrew Andrew: 6 hours ago


How to translate 'ago' in interval time formatter in views?

Googling the only thing I've managed to find is: https://www.drupal.org/node/2800563 What can I do to translate 'ago' or omit it from printing? ....

Sofia Sofia: 6 hours ago


Sort Node Queries by an entity reference field within a field collection item

I am trying to fetch a list of nodes of a particular content type, alongside their field-collection items. The code below works perfectly for my use case. function report_cards_get_term_data($type, $term, $session, $student_id, $class){ $resarr = array(); $query = db_select('node', 'n'); $query->join('field_data_field_term', 'ft', 'n.nid = ft.entity_id'); $query->join('field_data_field_session', 'dfs', 'n.nid = dfs.entity_id'); ....

Christian Christian: 6 hours ago


How to make correct View for tasks for each user?

I have taxonomy vocabulary with departments. Different users have task's nodes. I need View like this: Department1 Task5_ForUser10 Department2 Department3 Department4 Task7_ForUser10 Department5 I've created View with taxonomy terms, Relationship with task's node and with Contextual filter "User ID from logged in user", but I see now only short variant: ....

Ryleigh Ryleigh: 6 hours ago


amp-img tag, replace to simple img

I need to change this tag <img> to <amp-img>, I've been researching about this and I have this function for change the img tag. function amptheme_image($variables) { // Remove RDF properties incompatible with AMP specification. if (isset($variables)) { unset($variables); } $attributes = $variables; $attributes = file_create_url($variables); foreach (array('width', 'height', 'alt', ....

Paisley Paisley: 6 hours ago


How to add content programmatically to a field collection that it's in an entity (build with eck)

I'm trying to save information into an entity build with eck (http://drupal.org/project/eck), this entity has a field_collection with more fields. I have take a look around internet, and I only find examples that works with node entity and user entity, but when I try to use the same code with ....

Paisley Paisley: 7 hours ago


Is it possible to bypass one specific view for authentic users?

I have a specific view. This is running well under admin rights but not with specific other roles which do not have the permission “Bypass content access control” Debugging with devel tools and related blocks as well as change permissions setttings in the role is not solving the problem :-( ....

Zoey Zoey: 7 hours ago


Ajax errors on upload fields

I have an image field that allows a single image to be uploaded. The selection works, but if I click upload, I get an AJAX error. If I just submit without uploading first, the image is uploaded properly. If I go in to edit that image field and click remove, ....

Mila Mila: 7 hours ago


YouTube thumbnails - options for adjusting interface widgets and behaviour when clicked?

I wish to add YouTube videos to my site as links - I want to use a thumbnail of the video. I'm not concerned with which thumbnail used (as discussed here: How to control preview image in Youtube) What I am concerned with is how the play etc. buttons look ....

Everly Everly: 7 hours ago


How to implement georeferencing in Drupal?

I must make a website with geo-referenced content. And I would like to add POI and the possibility to download this POI for GPX, KML\KMZ (Google Earth), etc. Any tips or ideas to implement this somehow? PS: if the above is not clear enough, have a look at this (http://goo.gl/PJdNzL) ....

Theodore Theodore: 8 hours ago