YouTube thumbnails - options for adjusting interface widgets and behaviour when clicked?

I wish to add YouTube videos to my site as links - I want to use a thumbnail of the video. I'm not concerned with which thumbnail used (as discussed here: How to control preview image in Youtube) What I am concerned with is how the play etc. buttons look ....

Everly Everly: 8 hours ago


How to implement georeferencing in Drupal?

I must make a website with geo-referenced content. And I would like to add POI and the possibility to download this POI for GPX, KML\KMZ (Google Earth), etc. Any tips or ideas to implement this somehow? PS: if the above is not clear enough, have a look at this (http://goo.gl/PJdNzL) ....

Theodore Theodore: 8 hours ago


Entity select Dropdown

I'm working on a Drupal 8 view that is going to be a page. How can I make an exposed entity filter a dropdown? The entity is not a content type, but rather a custom entity with it's own module. I can't seem to find any documentation about it. ....

Aria Aria: 9 hours ago


Theming custom entity created with Entity API: accessing entity's fields in template file

First of all let me say that this is my first project in Drupal and I am still confused, I apologize if my question is stupid. I created a custom entity in Drupal 7 using Entity API. The custom entity represents a golf course. I used this tutorial: http://www.sitepoint.com/series/build-your-own-custom-entities-in-drupal/ Then ....

Eliana Eliana: 9 hours ago


Is there a module that can create a Taxonomy out of the installed modules?

Is there a module that can create a Taxonomy out of the installed modules? I want to create simple configuration tracking system and need to make my modules one of the taxonomies. In relation to existing configuration management systems I got a suggestion here Is there a module for tracking ....

Xavier Xavier: 10 hours ago


How do I add module theme elements to drupalSettings

I have a module "flot_d8" which is a wrapper for a javascript library. I would like to streamline the way this library is called from other modules (flot_examples in this case). I currently call it like this from src/Controller/FlotExample.php $data[] = , , NULL, , , ], ]; $div_id = ....

Amara Amara: 10 hours ago


When do I use views_get_view_result()?

I have basic listing in a View. I can give styles, or unformatted text, provide a link, etc. However, I would need the listing to be a list of linked items, with the destination URL changing depending on context: language, type of user, etc. So I just retrieve the listing ....

Zoe Zoe: 10 hours ago


Error when updating modules with Drush

Iv managed to install Drush to the site on Go Daddy shared hosting(thanks to the greate tutorial (http://drupalst.com/blog/get-drush-working-godaddy-shared-hosting-plane)!). Simple commands run without any errors, but when I try: drush pm-update ctools It returns: -bash-3.2$ drush pm-update ctools The external command could not be executed due to an application error. <br ....

Everett Everett: 10 hours ago


Conditional fields on block add form

I have a custom block type created through the UI and I used the configuration files to export it to a module. My custom block type has two fields and I want users to be able to fill out one or the other, but not both. Is there way to ....

Josiah Josiah: 10 hours ago


Cannot use the alias "/libraries"

I am trying to make a node have the alias "/libraries" but I get a Page Not Found error which looks to be returned before Drupal has fully bootstrapped (I don't get the usual Drupal 404). I checked a few other sites and they seem to have the same issue. ....

Alexander Alexander: 11 hours ago