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My Joomla website admin panel suddenly has no menus available after I refreshed messages

I'm using j3.4.8 and suddenly after I changed the Special ACL to include Manager, and I went back to it after dinner, Joomla displayed "Refreshed Messages" button, which upon clicking produced Profile without any admin panel menu visible at all. Please can anyone help me so that I can have ....

Declan Declan: 1 hour ago


Is there a better way to stop update email notifications than disabling the system plugin?

I manage around 3 dozen J! sites. Joomla 3.5 ( sends an email to admins by default whenever there's an update available. Obviously I don't need 3 dozen emails every time a patch version is released. (I wish this feature was opt-in.) Is there a better way to stop the ....

Sadie Sadie: 9 hours ago


Display Joomla article contents and title using PHP

I have a component and module built by an external company, they have hardcoded content into the component - I want to change it so the content is called from the Joomla Article Manager. The component uses individual codes (called by '+nugget.code+') that I want to match up to a ....

Lily Lily: 12 hours ago


Create a local version of my website

I'm having a Joomla website and I'd like to download it and and set it up locally on my pc. So, I'm having a general idea of how I should do it: Download XAMPP and set it up, backup my joomla website and upload the backup on the xampp's htdocs ....

Arya Arya: 17 hours ago


Site keeps browsing itself all the time

I run the server where this Joomla! site ( is hosted, so I have root access to it. There is something in the configuration, or somewhere in its code, that keeps browsing the site itself. If I run # tail -f /var/log/apache2/ I see several logs of accesses from the ....

Iris Iris: 19 hours ago


Display J2Store product options

Any experienced J2Store users out there? I'm displaying my product articles via the j2store products module. I've made an override for a product line that we want to display but not sell yet and the product options have gotten lost in the shuffle somewhere. I believe this is because I ....

Harper Harper: yesterday


Google maps Joomla 3.x.x

I was tasked to edit an article in Joomla which embed a Google maps plugin.I want to show two specific users below during mouse hover like this google maps ( Any idea on this? I already embed the Google maps plugin using this short code <p>{mosmap labeltext='H'| zoom='15'| overview='2'| text='</p> ....

Beau Beau: yesterday


Sharing Joomla views across extensions

I created my own Joomla Library which holds a few utility functions and some views which should be shared with other extensions that need the same views. Inside one extensions ("Redextension") view all i do is call: JLoader::import('mylib.views.objects'); The objects view is just a regular view: defined('_JEXEC') or die; class ....

Aubrey Aubrey: yesterday


Page break on my page shows as simple horizontal line

I'm trying to divide a long tutorial I wrote into multiple pages. At the bottom of each page, viewers should see a "previous"/"next" button that takes them to the previous/next page (da!). I understood that this can be done by inserting "page breaks" however, when I do that, all I ....

Dylan Dylan: yesterday


how to show article preview in admin panel?

I created a new article. I want to this article preview show only for admin not other user.How to do this? I used plugin "add menu" for this but that plugin not show my problem. ....

Madison Madison: yesterday