How to make a Joomla module installation from a module already installed on another page

I'm working on a new website and I wanted to install a module that I have on another website that I'm administrating (I didn't make that website and the developer who made it, made that module himself). So how could I make an installation for that module and install it ....

Jameson Jameson: 2 days ago


Unintentional override to Sidebar B module made it disappear. How to restore?

I was in the Template section, (as a novice, in the wrong area) trying to change the appearance of a module. I clicked on Create Overrides tab, then in the third column Layouts list, clicked "sidebar B". I exited that page, clearly not knowing what I was doing, and then ....

Josiah Josiah: 2 days ago


Custom Fields inside module override

I am using this code inside a module override that render articles, to show the custom fields: <?php $id=$item->id; $db = JFactory::getDbo(); $query = 'select * from #__fields_values where item_id = "'.$id.'"'; $db->setQuery($query); $fields = $db->loadObjectList(); foreach ($fields as $field) { if ($field->field_id == 4) { // 4 - id ....

Luke Luke: 2 days ago


Owl Carousel not working in Joomla, why?

I am making a custom module using Owl Carousel 2. For some reason it just doesn't work in Joomla. The html structure is there in frontend, but the owl carousel is not displayed. Unfortunatly, there are no code snippets here in Joomla StackExchange, like we have on regular SE. But ....

Adam Adam: 2 days ago


How to call a model method from a system plugin?

I have a component ('com_foo') which has a model called 'foobar'. The class declaration is like this: class FooModelbar extends JModelItem This class has a public method called getFooBar(). I also have a system plugin called 'foobar'. I am trying to access the public method of the component from this ....

Mason Mason: 2 days ago


Load menu module manually in component layout

I would like to load my menues manually in the component layouts. Because of some programmend item detail views, there are no menu items for that views. The consequence is, that the menu is not shown in the items details views and layouts. Therefore I would like to integrate the ....

Mason Mason: 2 days ago


Bullets of unordered list won't display

Can someone please tell me why bullets won't work? Whenever, I Bullet a list it doesn't appear on my web page. Can someone please tell me what I'm missing / doing wrong? Cheers Carlton ....

Michael Michael: 2 days ago


How does the akeeba backup actually work for cron jobs

This is just a general question into how the Akeeba backup system works when called from a cron job. I have traced the coded as much as I can and understand that its called from the front end and then starts the backup from the back end and then redirects ....

Victoria Victoria: 3 days ago


Joomla update server with custom download url

Is it possible to have a custom download url in the Joomla update server. The help page says <downloadurl type="full" format="zip"></downloadurl> But I am thinking of having something like below <downloadurl type="full" format="zip"></downloadurl> ....

Willow Willow: 3 days ago


Component not found after restricting access to Registered users

Joomla 3.8.11 I have a simple article with access level set to Registered. A mod_login module is assigned to the menu item for the article. On accessing the menu item, the login module is displayed as expected. However, when credentials are entered I get a 404 page 'Conponent not found. ....

Christopher Christopher: 3 days ago