Integrating extensive static HTML "site" into a Joomla website

I need to create a website for my software and I'm researching Joomla as a tool to make it a reality. I want to integrate my documentation directly into the website. The documentation is a huge doxygen-generated pile of hundreds of HTML files. Here ( is what it looks like ....

Liam Liam: 3 days ago


Joomla install database configuration not recognizing MySQL

I'm trying to get myself up and running with Joomla for the first time, I've installed the full LAMP stack and navigated to my joomla install by going to the local host in my browser Joomla install screen displays good. I am able to successfully get past first install ....

Lily Lily: 3 days ago


Article - "Read more" button -> Link to other article

I want to do something similar as asked in this question: How to create teaser articles on home page with "read more" link to article page ( How ever with the difference that I want to provide a custom link for the "read more" button that will point to another ....

Quinn Quinn: 4 days ago


How to apply a patch from Git in order to resolve an unfixed issue?

I have the latest stable build of Joomla installed, 3.4 at time of writing this. The issue is that I get an error when trying to install zipped extension files. No file selected. Unable to find install package I have found this link which supplies a patch for the issue. ....

Sebastian Sebastian: 4 days ago


Calculate end date based on start date and duration

My goal is to calculate and show end date based on my start date by date picker and doprdown to choose number of weeks. I have Jquery datetimepicker to select start date and dropdown to select number of weeks. I'm using below codes to get the end date result ....

Elena Elena: 4 days ago


Localize output of SQL query

I make a query directly on the database like this: SELECT title,id, DATE_FORMAT(publish_up, "%d %M %Y") AS 'GEORGE' FROM #__k2_items WHERE published=1 AND trash=0 AND created_by= ORDER BY publish_up DESC; and then display it like that: <span style="font-weight:normal;"></span>&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp<span></span> The output is in English but I want it in my language. ....

Arya Arya: 4 days ago


Joomla having https issues behind a load balancer

This issue has a few different layers to it. I'm running a site over https. The issue I'm having is that ajax calls are being made over http, despite having relative urls. After looking into it, this is due to the base url having the http:// prefix instead of https:// ....

Asher Asher: 4 days ago


Multilingual - Associations: Single Articles for Home Page - Duplicate Home URL issue

Initial Problem 2014 - Joomla 3.3.3 I have set up a multilingual site, but rather using the Featured Articles menu-item as Home, I used a Single Article menu-item. Menu-items, categories, articles are all associated among the languages. If I use the home menu-item from the main menu, it works fine. ....

Muhammad Muhammad: 4 days ago


Structure to define filter_fields in JmodelList.?

when we extends JmodelList for handling list of data in our List_Model in construct function we define filter_fields in config array like $config=array('field1','a.field1','field2','a.field2'); parent::__construct($config); i'm wondering about the structure of defining filter_fields array in config array why we define every fields two time and how they will be used by ....

Ellie Ellie: 5 days ago


Change header image Joomla 3.6.0

A friend of mine asked, if I can help him in changing the header image of his Joomla Page. Since I should know how to do this in any CMS, I asked him to provide me with the credentials. However, I did not find the correct menu where I could ....

Sophia Sophia: 5 days ago