Output of modules

Every template I see has this way of outputting modules (in the index.php) <?php if ($this->countModules( 'user1' )) : ?> <jdoc:include type="modules" name="user1" style="rounded" /> <?php endif; ?> Inside the template. Checks if module exists and if so , outputs it However apparently for me including the following code will ....

Ivy Ivy: 5 days ago


Joomla 3.9 Installation stalled

I'm replacing an old laptop and trying to get a Joomla 3.9.21 test site runing on the new computer. Since I've done this in the past, decided to do so manually instead of using XAMPP. Running on Windows 10, all Apache, php, mysql and phpmyadmin are working correctly. I can ....

Ryleigh Ryleigh: 5 days ago


How to run delete sql query with multiple values in Joomla?

I would like to run a delete sql query with multiple values in it in my joomla site. But I am unable to do so. So I need your help on this. In controller.php page: function deleteFiles() { JRequest::checkToken() or jexit('Invalid Token'); $mainframe = &JFactory::getApplication(); if ($this->_model->deleteFiles()) { $mainframe->enqueueMessage(JText::_('Files deleted ....

Emma Emma: 5 days ago


How can I show an alternate layout for my view in an MVC component?

I am trying to choose the layout for my view dynamically, which is what I imagined setLayout or loadTemplate on my JViewLegacy view would be able to do, but there seems to be some extra convention going on here that I can't seem to follow. If my structure looks like ....

Serenity Serenity: 5 days ago


JRequest::get('post', JREQUEST_ALLOWRAW) has been deprecated, what is the working code now?

I have tried every input to get it working, but nothing works for me. This is the deprecated code $post = JRequest::get('post', JREQUEST_ALLOWRAW); list($title, $alias) = $this->_generateNewTitle($post, $post, $post); $_POST = $title; $_POST = $alias; $_POST = 0; $this->_save(); I tried: $post = JFactory::getApplication()->input->get('post', '','raw'); But sadly it doesn't work. ....

Ariana Ariana: 6 days ago


JLanguage getFirstDay()

Can anyone help me understand why JLanguage->getFirstDay() returns 0 (Sunday) for EN-GB, and 1 (Monday) for EN-US? The UNICODE CLDR has 1 for EN-GB, and 0 for EN-US. ....

Lillian Lillian: 6 days ago


Advice for redirecting over 3000 urls following site move and update?

My client has decided to completely revamp their website and no longer wants to use MijoSef, in fact they do not want to use any SEF component at all. At present google hase over 3250 urls indexed for the existing site, thus I need to redirect each of the indexed ....

Nova Nova: 6 days ago


Passing variables between a PHP module and a PHP script

I am trying to pass some variable from a PHP module (Sourcerer) to custom PHP script using Sessions method (as posted here ( The method works fine between two PHP scripts but when I tried to implement it between a module and a script, it fails. Overview of the my ....

Emery Emery: 6 days ago


Article appears even outside given path

I've recently come across some strange behaviour of my Joomla 3.6.5 installation. I've noticed that (with SEF on) any article preceded by its ID is displayed if called directly by its URL, and not only by following the path laid out in the menu item. For example, if according to ....

Paisley Paisley: 6 days ago


Joomla 3 helloworld component category

After i follow the Joomla "Developing an MVC Component (" document until step 15- "Adding ACL" everything works. Then I tried add a new view "category", but it did not work. Here is my code: In admin fields folder I created a hellocategory.php most code same with helloword,just change protected ....

Jackson Jackson: 1 weeks ago