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Get stock for a product in Magento 2

I want to display the current stock of a specific product in a theme. How can I do that? getStock() does not seem to work. ....

Raelynn Raelynn: 17 minutes ago


how to override customer login.phtml file in custom module

I want to override Customer login form of core files. In customer/account/login xml file I already added my custom file path and override it , but still it is not working. How can i override form/login.phtml file ? please help me.... xml => customer_account_login.xml <referenceBlock name="customer_form_login"> <action method="setTemplate"> <argument name="template" ....

Adrian Adrian: 26 minutes ago


Multi Store RewriteBase Problem (Magento 2.3)

I am trying to set up a Magento 2.3 CE multi store installation. Most things are working fine: Default website and magento admin are available on (/admin_sdgshgd). I created another website + store view + store and set the base urls to Apache 2 config has been updated ....

Grace Grace: 35 minutes ago


How can I change order status to 'Pending'?

Is there any way to change the status of an order from Processing to Pending in the admin? I know how to do this in the database, but can it be done in the admin and if so what it the process? Are there any drawbacks to doing this? ....

Kinsley Kinsley: 1 hour ago


504 gateway timeout while import customer address CSV In Magento2 504 (Gateway Timeout) `validation.js:185 while Import customer address csv in admin. What is solution? ....

Ryleigh Ryleigh: 1 hour ago


Magento 2.1: Only admin can upload images to visual swatch

Administrators can upload images to visual swatches but users with limited access can't. I'm trying to find the resource to give this user role access to it but can't seem to figure out which one it is. Does anyone know which one it is? ....

Benjamin Benjamin: 1 hour ago


Magento 2 : What is Use of @codingStandardsIgnoreFile, @codeCoverageIgnore, @codingStandardsIgnoreStart and @codingStandardsIgnoreEnd

In Any Custom development What is use of @codingStandardsIgnoreFile @codeCoverageIgnore @codingStandardsIgnoreStart @codingStandardsIgnoreEnd It is Valid in Magento Marketplace Extension Development And It is valid Then Where We can Use For ignore Coding Standard Errors/Warnings This is used in InstallData, Why it is used here ? ....

Emilia Emilia: 1 hour ago


extension that inject tag to header without any additional config

I'm writing an extension for the community and I need it to inject an html tag to the head, which is not constant, eg: <script>var something = "this value comes from php code";</script> what's the best way to inject such a tag, to all site pages, without require the admin ....

Joshua Joshua: 2 hours ago


How use Pagination in Custom Product Page

I display custom products in page. use controller ,block and .phtml files define block and template in xml file. Products are showing correctly i use template module/catalog/view/frontend/template\product\list.phtml . Now i want to apply pagination and iuse many solution like how to add pagination on custom collection in Magento 2 ( ....

Anthony Anthony: 2 hours ago


How to disable Paypal from just one of the stores in a multi-store setup?

I have Magento 1.9.1 with Paypal Payments Pro (Includes Express Checkout) and Express Checkout. I don't see how to disable those in just one of the stores? When I switch to the Configuration scope for the other store - it does not give me the option to disable it...Any ideas? ....

Xavier Xavier: 2 hours ago