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Help with test coverage

I was wondering if someone would be able to help me create a test class for the following code as I am programmatically challenged :) any help would be greatly appreciated!!! Thanks in advance!!! trigger RFS_OpportunityValidations on Opportunity(before update){ Set<Id> oppsToBeChecked = new Set<Id>(); Profile adminId = ; for(Opportunity o ....

Savannah Savannah: 8 minutes ago


Is there an Upsert API call to create/ update a subscriber in 1 API call?

Is there an Upsert API call to create/ update a subscriber in 1 API call? It will save us a lot of resources. ....

Lucy Lucy: 35 minutes ago


How to change FontSize Using Docusign's SOAP API and WSDL2Apex?

Salesforce's WSDL2Apex tool skips big sections of Docusign's WSDL file (, including all font information. I confirmed this with Docusign. I recreated the FontSize enum as follows but it's not working. Can anyone point me to a successful Apex implementation of this WSDL or a suggestion for including a fontSize ....

Joseph Joseph: 38 minutes ago


Anyone else seeing unexpected "System.LimitException: Apex CPU time limit exceeded" in previously working code?

In the last 24 hours several of our Jenkins (Continuous Integration server) builds have started failing with: System.LimitException: Apex CPU time limit exceeded exceptions in unit tests that have been passing for many months. It is as if the limit counting has changed in some manner. Anyone else experiencing this, ....

Sophie Sophie: 1 hour ago


Enterprise Territory Management -- Previewing Rule Assignments

Enterprise Territory Management Issue I am currently examining implementing Enterprise Territory Management. I have a Territory structure set up in the Planning stage. According to the implementation guide ( I can preview assigned rules to territories as stated in the document: Run account assignment rules for any territory that has ....

Layla Layla: 1 hour ago


Delete page export in community

I have to make some structure changes to a community. In order to do that and save time I need to export the Home page so I can reuse it when creating a new one from it, instead of rebuilding it manually. When I am on the home page I ....

Maverick Maverick: 1 hour ago


Dynamic fromName using triggered data extension and AMPscript

I am trying to implement a dynamic sender profile (fromName and fromEmail) with a triggered send, using a data extension. The value of the fromName is in another Data Extension. Here is what i have done: I have activated Enhanced Sender profile, with help from SF support I have run ....

Joshua Joshua: 1 hour ago


Why my Query is returning null sometimes?

I am querying for a particular user in my class(without sharing),it is returning null sometimes.User is available and he is the system administrator. What might be the reason ? Am i missing anything ? Here is my Query . Thanks very much. ....

Oliver Oliver: 1 hour ago


How to get current method name in apex?

I have a very slow Visualforce page. In order to find out why, I am adding a lot of System.debug() calls to the various methods on the controller to get timestamps etc to see what is so slow. So far I have code like this public Boolean methodUsedByVisualForce() { System.debug('Start ....

Ryan Ryan: 1 hour ago


What is the difference between apex REST and SOAP API and global REST and SOAP API?

Apex REST and Apex SOAP are not strictly speaking APIs, but they’re ways that you can expose your Apex objects so what is the difference? ....

Christopher Christopher: 1 hour ago