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Assign Coupon only after customer opens email - SFMC

I would like to know how to assign Coupon only after email is open. We don't want to assign coupons to 50K customers and only 2K customers open the email. I'm unnecessarily assigning 48K coupons (Unused). Support suggested to use new content builder, with QueryParameter to update the DE and ....

Christopher Christopher: Just now


What is the SObject for a private message?

I want to monitor private message and want to check and store at admin side. so admin can see who doing message to whom and make the policy for to sending the message. ....

Charlotte Charlotte: 18 minutes ago


Platform Events Consideration for Duplicate Messages and OOD

Since there is no standard documentation on this, I'm willing to know how would platform events deal with: Duplicate Messages (Due to multiple triggers on the same record). Out Of Order Delivery. ....

Hunter Hunter: 33 minutes ago


How to create object by it's name?

I'm writing a REST service which calls external service. I want to write a test for my service. I came up with no possibility to mock this call as it's in managed package. I want to wrap this call with Test.isRunninTest() method. And here is the problem - I can't ....

Nova Nova: 1 hour ago


Can a delayed email be sent via Configuration?

I have a requirement where I have to update a field on the case and send an email 15mins after (according to working hours) case has been created/modified to status = Open. Can this achieved without writing any sort of code or may be less code ? ....

Ava Ava: 2 hours ago


How to pass parameters in for return URL:

I have one string variable which I need to pass for return url. I am not able to pass that in my url. <apex:pageblockTable value="{!memList}" var="list" id="pbt1" > <apex:column headerValue="Edit" width="100px"> <apex:commandLink onclick="'/{!list.Id}/e?retURL={!Event.Id}')" value="Edit" id="edit" style="text-decoration:none;color:#3399CC;"/> </apex:column> </apex:pageblockTable> Controller: public class ControllerExt(){ public string passParameter; public ControllerExt(ApexPages.StandardController controller) { events ....

Kennedy Kennedy: 2 hours ago


Join 3 Data Extensions

I have 3 Data Extensions (Data Tables) Subscription CustomerInfo Survey All three tables have CustomerId as field. Below is my Criteria: Check for B13 or B26 in Benfitids of Subscripton EmailOptin is True in CustomerInfo CreateDt in Subscription should be over 30 days and they are in Survey Table with ....

Eleanor Eleanor: 2 hours ago


How to Map Opportunity Owner to Account Owner

I'm trying to find a way to map the opportunity owner field to the account owner field when a new opportunity is created. So if an opportunity is created by Jon for Account XYZ, which is owned by Jill, then the opportunity owner would be automatically swapped to Jill on ....

Maya Maya: 2 hours ago


write an primitive testclass

I am new to apex, and I dont know how to correctly write a Testclass for my trigger. Trigger has to update field Time_Zone__c of object Task according to Time_Zone__c of object Contact, which is associated with object Task with WhoId field Here is the code: trigger TaskTimeZoneUpdate on Task(before ....

Ezekiel Ezekiel: 3 hours ago


Opening case (hyperlink) in primary tab

I have a page on console where case number is shown as hyperlink. When it is clicked it should open in the same tab which is primary tab. I created formula field using Hyperlink function.It is opening the case in new tab. How can I show the case in the ....

Ryleigh Ryleigh: 3 hours ago