How to cover test class for Batch apex: NullPointerException

I have written a Batch apex.The Batch Apex class call the Helper (web service )class.I have written a test class for Batch apex.But my Helper (web service )class is covered with 99%.To cover the Batch class i have added Test.StartTest(); ProductDetailsNew_CLS Capture = new ProductDetailsNew_CLS(); Database.executeBatch(Capture ,1); Test.StopTest(); this lines ....

Levi Levi: 3 hours ago


How do I build a SOQL query for records in a list of IDs?

Can some one correct my soql? I need to export records in data loader like: WHERE Id IN ('123123123','123123fsdf') But this following query does not work for me: SELECT Id, Syndication_Documents__c FROM ContentVersion WHERE Syndication_Documents__c in : 'a4fa0000000KzbV','a4fa0000000KzbW' ....

Audrey Audrey: 3 hours ago


Can't Close Parent Custom Object if Checkbox Not Checked on Child Custom Object

I have 2 custom objects: Project__c (parent) and Project_Contact__c (child). The parent has a picklist field called project_status__c with values Open or Closed. On the child object, there's a checkbox that must be checked before the parent can close. The checkbox is called survey_sent__c. When a user tries to close ....

Thomas Thomas: 3 hours ago


Workflow Is not working for existing records

I have created a workflow rule(Email to contact on his/her birthday).I have used this logic____If(Birthdate=today(),True,False)____ it is working fine and sending an email if I am inserting a record with today birth date. But it is not sending an email when I am editing the existing record.Evaluation criteria which I ....

Claire Claire: 4 hours ago


How to not abort jobs that are already aborted?

I have a function that gets called as part of reschedule logic in a Shedulable Apex class that implements System.Schedulable. The following code only gets called when a reschedule is needed. Rather then just pass a job ID into System.abortJob() in the code below, I would like to see if ....

Aria Aria: 4 hours ago


Media Capture and Upload as Content Version or attachment?

I am building a functionality using mobile SDK.I have a requirement on capturing video and uploading to salesforce attachment or content version Object? I referred the above document from phone gap but i am stuck as to how do i convert the media file to necessary format through the ....

Eva Eva: 4 hours ago


How to get the IsSyncing to TRUE on a QUOTE in test class?

Hello and thank you for taking the time to read my question, this may be a really stupid question but I have been banging my head all morning into finding the answer. I looked at the Quote Schema as well as the Developer docs Quote Doc ( I was not ....

Savannah Savannah: 4 hours ago


Can I put same engagement split two times at different time interval in same journey flow?

Can I put two same engagement split in journey at different time interval (in salesforce marketing cloud). Here is the use case, I want to send an email and check if particular email has bounced or not. Ideally one should wait upto 3 days & check if email has bounced ....

Weston Weston: 4 hours ago


How to display attached pdf on visualforce page when we are rendering vf page as pdf?

I am displaying all attachments in a Visualforce Page with renderAs="pdf". It displays the attachment if it is an image but not if it is a pdf. I am using an iframe to show the pdf attachment but it is not working within a pdf. Is it possible? ....

Isabella Isabella: 4 hours ago


Lightning LWC - Copy List with Limited fields

I am using the wire service to query several fields and assign to a list. I am trying to create a PDF using jsPDF and I need to create another list that only contains the fields that I will display in the PDF. So in the code below, data has ....

Dylan Dylan: 4 hours ago