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What is the difference between a SharePoint Specialist, Consultant and Engineer?

What is the difference between these job functions: SharePoint Specialist vs SP Consultant vs SP Engineer? I am really confused and which one pays better? ....

Samuel Samuel: 9 minutes ago


SharePoint-Hosted Apps and Disaster Recovery

Microsoft's current emphasis is for us to "stay out of the GAC" and create Apps for SharePoint that clean up after themselves if uninstalled. I understand this and even agree with their suggestion that custom lists in the appweb are preferable to writing to lists in the hostweb via CSOM ....

Rowan Rowan: 45 minutes ago


Display List View Column base on condition

I am using SharePoint 2013 and had create a list view from one of my list. But I want to display only the columns with "Yes" value. If there is a column with "No" value, I would like to hide the entire column. I tried this but it doesn't work ....

Jacob Jacob: 54 minutes ago


How to programmatically create a folder using c#

I have a Pages folder and inside the Pages folder, I have a Class folder in my SharePoint . So I should create a folder inside that class folder! ....

Kingston Kingston: 1 hour ago


C# export list items to data table? change date time

I'm doing an export to a table from the SharePoint list, I do not understand why the date changes when unloading into a table, tell me what's wrong with my code? public void SPExportCalendar() { ClientContext context = new ClientContext("http://sp:7000/sites/test"); Web web = context.Web; List list = context.Web.Lists.GetByTitle("test"); context.Load(list); context.ExecuteQuery(); ....

Gabriella Gabriella: 1 hour ago


unwanted sync on publishing Project Server and random task list in SharePoint farm

We designed a portal with SharePoint 2013 and Project 2013 and we have more than 60 custom lists and 10 Doc Libraries and more than 10 thousand items and docs there, but we haven't any tasks list there. Last month I created tasks list like: /lists/tasks , When republished specific ....

Maverick Maverick: 1 hour ago


SPQuery, Dates and Regional Settings

First, some setup: My Site is set to Eastern Time, and the server is located in Eastern Time. I'm trying to run a query against a list using the created date. I have tried using all variations I can think of and just can't get the results I want. My ....

Arya Arya: 1 hour ago


Disable sharepoint on client system

My client is continually getting a Sharepoint login dialogue and he doesn't know why. He was recently asked to share a file through Sharepoint, but as that was a one-day event he has no further use of the platform. Nevertheless, he is constantly bombarded with this login dialogue for something ....

Dylan Dylan: 1 hour ago


How to create a view to list all unpublished page in library?

It maybe a SharePoint dummy level question for but I cannot find a way to do it. In the Pages library we have enabled publishing feature. Only major version 1.0, 2.0, 3.0... are published and minor version are draft. I want to create a view to show all unpublished pages ....

Luna Luna: 1 hour ago


Set MaximumThreshold Per List Group

Not sure if this possible, but I am going to give it a try. I have a custom list with an InfoPath as form. In the list I have it grouped by 'Status'. The status are "High", "Low", "Closed". I have the count on for each group too. What I ....

Leilani Leilani: 2 hours ago