How to do Dynamic Dropdowns?

I have a custom list. Inside the custom list I want the user to have a choice drop down. Based on their selection, I'd like to change the values of a 2nd drop down further in the list item. To demonstrate the use case: We have two books, the list ....

Aria Aria: 2 hours ago


Why I can't get Lookup Column ID from Source List by Flow?

I have a question about Flow for Sharepoint List. I have 2 Lists, and one of them has a lookup column to another. List 1: Currency List (Target List) List 2: Price Table (Source List). I want to get a Value of Ask Rate (Lookup Column) to ExRate Column (Number ....

Michael Michael: 3 hours ago


Table Width with webpart

I'm trying to figure out why the webpart content(in this case its a Newsfeed) is showing(exceeding the width) outside of the TD Width of 40% (see image in the screenshot). Should I be using px for the webpart instead of %? I have a parent table that is set to ....

Chloe Chloe: 4 hours ago


format text as date in XsltListViewWebpart

I have an issue and I cannot find any documentation on it. I have a XsltListViewWebpart with a column called Dates that contains a few years in each row. Currently they appear as: 2008 2009 2010 2011 I would like them to appear in descending order. I understand this is ....

Isaiah Isaiah: 4 hours ago


Calculated coulmns in sharepoint 2007

I need to use text formulas, but I also want to include data in coulmn 'ID'. As this is default column for any list it is not available in default selection. So I have added it manually. Now old items got updated, but new items are not getting updated for ....

Aaron Aaron: 4 hours ago


Document Library Group By Style

In a document library, I have documents grouped by two columns. I would like the view to have less spaces between the group by categories (see attached screenshot). I'd like the space between the lines "folder" and "Document Identifier" and "Document Identifier" to be less. This is a job situation ....

Dylan Dylan: 4 hours ago


When using 'Send an email from a shared mailbox (V2)', can you send from a Microsoft Teams group email address?

I am getting this error: { "status": 403, "message": "Group Shard is used in non-Groups URI.\r\nclientRequestId: *****\r\nserviceRequestId: *****", "error": { "message": "Group Shard is used in non-Groups URI.", "code": "ErrorGroupIsUsedInNonGroupURI", "originalMessage": "Group Shard is used in non-Groups URI." }, "source": "" } when trying to Send an email from a ....

Gabriel Gabriel: 5 hours ago


Understanding Host Named Site Collections

It was recommended to me that we use HNSCs for an upcoming project. After reading a couple of articles and blog posts, I'm starting to understand the different implications and requirements. Are the following statements true regarding HNSCs in SharePoint 2013? Only one web application in your farm can support ....

Abigail Abigail: 5 hours ago


Consuming a WCF with ChannelFactory

I have a WCF service and I am trying to consume it through a WCF client Library in my web application. For this purpose I created a Console Application, added service reference and tried the following code in Program.cs file inside "main" function. var factory = new ChannelFactory<IDateTime>("BasicHttpBinding_IDateTime"); var clientChannel ....

Nova Nova: 5 hours ago


Sharepoint 2013 - Filter Query Builder results by site column value

Within my search results web part in SharePoint, I went into the web part properties, and opened up Query Builder. The following query works awesome in Query Builder... {SearchBoxQuery} MyDocTagsOWSTEXT:chart it finds all items in my document library that has "chart" text associated to the MyDocTags column. So how ....

Everly Everly: 5 hours ago