MOSS 2007 : stsadm -o preupgradecheck found missing feature files for features still active in deployment

This is the last thing I have left to fix to pass the pre upgrade check. There are a three features that are referenced by the content but not installed on the server (not sure how this happened). Two are unnamed and one has an invalid scope. My question is, ....

Wyatt Wyatt: 6 hours ago


Change name of infopath form

We have a bunch of archived reports in a document library which are linked to an Info path template. That template has become corrupted but luckily we have a working copy of this in a backup folder. So we are looking to delete the corrupted XSN file and bring in ....

Alexander Alexander: 6 hours ago


How to use the latest set of Fluent UI icons for SPFx?

I am using the code from here which is import { FontIcon } from 'office-ui-fabric-react/lib/Icon'; <FontIcon iconName="Forward" /> I believe these use but sometimes icons do not render. How do I ensure I am referencing the latest set? Also if there is ever updates to the icon set, ....

Jade Jade: 6 hours ago


move uploaded document from a library to another library in different site collection

Is it possible to move the uploaded document from a library to another library in different site collection using SharePoint designer workflow or Nintex workflow? I tried Nintex workflow, but it only provides option to move document from one library to another library within same site collection. But I want ....

Audrey Audrey: 6 hours ago


Converting rows to columns in SharePoint Online List PowerBi Report

I have 2 SharePoint List. Project(Project_ID, Project_Title) and Project_Tasks(Project_ID, Tasks_Title) I have data as: I am able to generate the following report. But My requirement is to generate a report like In this case, the Pivoting will not help me. I have already tried. Please help. Any reference link, tutorial ....

Zoe Zoe: 6 hours ago


Hide document information panel

I run SharePoint online in Office 365. I have document content type at site collection level with a few properties. And now when I use it in document library I always get document information panel. I was removing "Custom XML Data" from template. Also in the Document Information Panel settings ....

Anna Anna: 7 hours ago


Backup comments from social database on SharePoint 2010

We have almost all our sites on SharePoint 2013 now and are working towards shutting our 2010 environment Down. One of the last sites on 2010 have used the Note Board function on pages as a Means of commenting. We have migrated all content to a 2013 site, but the ....

Layla Layla: 8 hours ago


Google Chrome could not load the webpage because took too long to respond

Created a basic sharepoint hosted app, nothing changed, when deploy i get this error message, nothing in uls logs at all, Trying hello world hosted app but getting this error on deployment, Google Chrome could not load the webpage because took too long to respond I can ping ....

Maria Maria: 8 hours ago


GetListItems not returning empty fields even when using ViewFields

I am using the GetListItems web service to query a list. I am passing the viewFields property to return certain fields: var viewFields = XElement.Parse(@" <ViewFields> <FieldRef Name='Field1' /> <FieldRef Name='Field2' /> <FieldRef Name='Field3' /> </ViewFields> "); var result = client.GetListItems(listname, null, null, viewFields, null, null, null); The problem is ....

Nevaeh Nevaeh: 8 hours ago


Can SSRS reports be integrated into the free version of SharePoint?

Do I have to upgrade to another edition of SharePoint to integrate SSRS reports or is SharePoint integrated mode with SSRS available with the free version of SharePoint (Sharepoint Services 3)? ....

Josiah Josiah: 8 hours ago