What's new in SharePoint 2016 online

I have found a few documents about new features in SharePoint 2016 on premise, but I can't find anything about SharePoint 2016 online version. Especially I am interested in BI part. Do you know any resources about this or about do you know Microsoft plans according SharPoint online new release? ....

Sophie Sophie: 9 hours ago


move my site profile information from one server to another

I used central administration site collection backup to back up a My Site, and then used PowerShell restore-spsite to restore it on another server. All of the content moved, but the profile information ("ask me about," "past projects," the profile photo, etc.) did not move. How do I move the ....

Willow Willow: 9 hours ago


Setting up Global Metadata Navigation on 2013

Found some articles about using the Managed Term Stores to create cross-site collection global navigation in SharePoint 2013. Most excellent, and seems simple enough. However, I'm encountering an error trying to set it up in my test environment. I can get the navigation working if I use a term set ....

Sophie Sophie: 10 hours ago


I created a central search center site collection. How to forward each search on other site collections to the search center?

I am using sp 2010. I created a new site collection and used "Search Center Site". Now I have many other site collections. I would like to forward each search to this new search center. Also I would like to show only results in the search center inside the scope ....

Raelynn Raelynn: 10 hours ago


Getting SPUser object from "Group or People" SPListItem field

I am using a Powershell and CAML query to return items from a list. The list contains a "Group or People" field in which I have not seeing how to get the email and login information of the user. I assume I need to cast it to a SPUser object ....

Jaxon Jaxon: 10 hours ago


after add content database, I can't see the document library

Thanks, I had to reinstall my Sharepoint 3.0, after creating Web Application, I attach or adding the content database ( the actual size is: 270Gb ), but then I can not see the any of my Document Library or documents, only one site ( empty ) . I Would appreciate ....

Weston Weston: 11 hours ago


SharePoint 2013 Integration with Exchange 2010

Is there any documentation with a list of features and capabilities by which SharePoint 2013 can be integrated with Exchange 2010. Any help would be greatly accepted. I work as an SharePoint Admin in an organization and have been assigned to start researching a way to integrate Exchange 2010, Outlook ....

Leo Leo: 11 hours ago


Where is the code for a customized list NewForm.aspx page in sp2007

I have to maintain a sharepoint solution that I did not build myself. For a custom list "Files", that is provisioned as a feature in this solution, a newform.aspx shows a non default page. for example a button for spellign checker is added and not all of the listfields ar ....

Easton Easton: 11 hours ago


Sharepoint Online All User Access/Permissions Report

Is there a powershell script for SharePoint online that can create a csv report listing permission/access details for all users of a SharePoint site? We have licenses to Offices 365 E3 which includes SharePoint online and would like to list the sites, sub-sites, site collections that all of our users ....

Natalia Natalia: 11 hours ago


Questions based on tenants in SP 2013 Office 365

I have set of question based on tenants answer of which is not correctly known till now. Please reply inline. What is the proper meaning of tenant in SP 2013 Office 365? Do we need a tenant to implement SharePoint hosted app? Auto hosted app? Provider hosted app? Do we ....

Adam Adam: 11 hours ago