SharePoint Online data limits

We are considering adding SharePoint On-line to our cloud portfolio. We currently have eCal Services and Azure AD. Does anyone know the storage limits for: SharePoint online plan1 SharePoint online plan2 Office 365 Enterprise E3 Thanks ....

Henry Henry: 12 hours ago


Cannot DeleteTheme in SharePoint Online Modern Site

I created/added a Theme in SharePoint online using following commands. And provided all the details/parameters. Connect-PnPOnline –Url $adminSiteUrl –Credentials (Get-Credential) Add-PnPTenantTheme -Identity $themeName -Palette $palette -IsInverted $false Theme is added successfully and I can select this new theme from change the look option. But now I want to delete this ....

Rylee Rylee: 12 hours ago


Looking for a way to replace the File in an SPListItem

I have implemented a system for publishing documents from a document library to a Document Centre. This uses a Send To Connection set up with the "Move and leave a link" option. When this is used the original item in the document library remains unchanged (all metadata including the item ....

Hailey Hailey: 12 hours ago


SharePoint 2010 Ocassionally not saving user's changes

Our users are experiencing an elusive issue in which their changes will not save to sharepoint. I have watched the users procedure for editing the documents, and this issue is occuring randomly throughout the organization on different machines/users. A little background info: -Sharepoint 2010 -Users are mixed using Office2003/Office 2010- ....

Jaxson Jaxson: 12 hours ago


Adding newly create group to "Site Permissions" section ( XXX/_layouts/15/user.aspx )

I managed to use Power Automate to create SP groups and add users to them using the HTTP request action. The problem I have is the newly created groups are created at the "root" (in People and Groups section) level but not in the site in the "Site Permissions" section ....

Michael Michael: 13 hours ago


SharePoint permissions not working after restore from backup

I’m a new SharePoint administrator, and I’m trying to make a test SharePoint system for the first time. I’ve installed SharePoint (2013) and attached databases which were created by restoring a copy of the live SharePoint system. Everything looks right, but there’s a problem with the permissions. Originally, I could ....

Josiah Josiah: 13 hours ago


PowerShell access to all documents in Sharepoint online

I have found 100's of pages about getting groups, but best I can find about getting a list of all document is killing me!! I have altered my script which works well with groups and tried to change it to documents.. but literally nothing is working for me.. executes and ....

Josiah Josiah: 13 hours ago


Windows 7 Boot to VHD for SP2010

I am looking for a definitive "how to" guide on setting up Windows 7 x64 boot to VHD for my SP2010 VMs ... anyone care to share blog/whitepaper? ....

Kennedy Kennedy: 14 hours ago


What does "You cannot use this method on a domain controller or in a workgroup environment"

I want to install the stand alone sharepoint 2013 version to do some testing. But the docs say "You cannot use this method on a domain controller or in a workgroup environment"- What does that mean? I just want to install it on one station and then connect to it ....

Jacob Jacob: 14 hours ago


How to add Announcements to page

I' ve added an Announcement List to my Site. However, I can't seem to add it to a page - there is no web part listed that I can use. I have the same issue with Project tasks. I'm using Sharepoint with Office 365. Am I missing something or is ....

Leilani Leilani: 14 hours ago