Unable to access sharepoint even if the access was granted by owner

I have problem with accessing Sharepoint Access has been granted to me by the owner. I was also re-added several times and no success. What can be the problem? I'm rehired by HPE and have different emp ID. Any help or similar cases? ....

Brielle Brielle: 15 hours ago


Sharepoint Subsite CEWP Error

So I have a sharepoint site that has a subsite that keeps throwing the error : One of the properties of the Web Part has an incorrect format. Microsoft SharePoint Foundation cannot deserialize the Web Part. Check the format of the properties and try again. Also after tracing the correlation ....

Jack Jack: 15 hours ago


Does latest SharePoint 2013 Cumulative update really include all previous Cumulative updates?

When a cumulative update is published, it is supposed to contain all the previous cumulative updates. KB 4022236 ( size is 290.0 MB (August 14, 2018) KB 4092472 ( size is 77.7 MB (December 11, 2018) on download center ( and 3.7 MB (???) on windows update Is the newest ....

Beau Beau: 15 hours ago


Passing variables in Query string in tsx file (react +typescript)

I am trying to pass plainid and id as a parameter in query string in URL. {planid = item.planId} { id} <td><a href=" planId=`${planid}`&taskId=`${id}`" >{item.title}</a></td> <td>{moment(item.startDateTime).format('MM/DD/YYYY ')}</td> <td>{moment(item.dueDateTime).format('MM/DD/YYYY')}</td> I am new to React suggest any way so that I can pass variables in query string in the .tsx file. ....

Ariana Ariana: 16 hours ago


how I can know if I have missing CU using "get-spproduct -local" command

I have SharePoint 2013 with build number = 15.0.4763.1000 which represents October 2015 CU. now we have installed the security updates for December 2015. but when I run the product configuration wizard I got the following excretion on step 8 out of 9:- now I read many articles about how ....

Thomas Thomas: 16 hours ago


How do you kill all of one forms based user's sessions?

Does anyone know how to limit the number of browser sessions for FBA users or how to immediately terminate browser sessions for an FBA user? The problem context is that we're operating a SharePoint 2016 Internet facing web app that has both AD and forms based authentication. We undergo continual ....

Theodore Theodore: 16 hours ago


Anonymous access: Add an Item to List without allowing to View the List

I'm creating a 'Contact Us' webpart with form to allow anonymous user to send a message which will be added to a SharePoint List. However I cannot grant the anonymous user the permission to Add element to List (and therefore the permission to View the List) because he isn't supposed ....

Gabriella Gabriella: 16 hours ago


How to Upgrade InfoPath 2010 forms to InfoPath 2013 to deploy on SharePoint 2016

I want to deploy InfoPath 2010 forms to SharePoint 2016. These are Admin Approved browser based forms. Please help with the steps to achieve this. ....

Greyson Greyson: 16 hours ago


Managed Properties Backup/Restore

I have a tool called the Documentation Toolkit which allows me to see the difference between farm settings. I found some differences between my PROD and QA environments were the managed properties, some are missing on QA, some have different mappings. Is there an easy way to fix this? like ....

Owen Owen: 16 hours ago


SharePoint Online workflow create folder using rest in custom list

I want to create folder in custom list using SharePoint 2013 workflow platform. I am able to create folder in document library using below URL https://sitename/_api/Web/Folders/add('SiteCollectionDocuments/newfolder') but same REST API not working for custom list for creation of folder. Can anyone help me with this? ....

Chloe Chloe: 16 hours ago