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Is there any way to import bunch of new products using OData API in Sitecore Commerce 9?

I found that there are no OData API methods for importing new products into the catalog of Sitecore Commerce 9. The only thing you can do is to use /api/DoUxAction() to add new sellable item and then associate this sellable item with inventory. But the JSON object being sent is ....

Isaac Isaac: 37 minutes ago


How should Courier be used as part of a CI build?

I am looking at an existing setup of Sitecore that is using Courier as part of a continuous-integration process. The process is currently: Commits to a particular branch kicks off a Team City build The build contains a TDS project of serialized items Courier is executed to generate an .update ....

Eleanor Eleanor: 2 hours ago


Login to Sitecore 9.1 across multiple subdomains

I am trying to login to Sitecore across multiple domains. I mean, I have two different sites and is there a way to set the auth cookies at parent domain level, in my case at level and let the user to access both the sites? I noticed ....

Oliver Oliver: 10 hours ago


In Sitecore 9.3, SuppressFormValidation is not available, what is the replacement?

We are upgrading from Sitecore 8.2 to 9.3. In our 8.2 solution, there is a patch created with the type SuppressAdfsFormValidation <sitecore> <pipelines> <preprocessRequest> <processor patch:instead="*" type="Sample.Pipelines.PreprocessRequest.SuppressAdfsFormValidation, Sample" /> </preprocessRequest> </pipelines> </sitecore> which inherits PreProcessRequestProcessor and here is the implementation provided below: public class SuppressAdfsFormValidation : PreprocessRequestProcessor { public override ....

Henry Henry: 11 hours ago


Different instance of solr for staging and production

Is it possible to have different instance of Solr - one pointing to the staging website while other pointing to production website while the CMS sytem is common to both Solr instance. I am not checking about high availability or scaling or solr but want to have two separate solr ....

Alexander Alexander: 11 hours ago


Running PowerShell scripts without using Sitecore PowerShell Extensions module

We are facing some issues with Lucene during installation of PowerShell Extensions module (SPE). Is there any option to run Sitecore scripts from Windows PowerShell? I mean that I will just add some route to PowerShell instance or make some config changes and it can be used similarly as web ....

Cameron Cameron: 15 hours ago


Content variable in sitecore fields

I got a scenario where i want to add variable in content say multiline text. This variable is kind of link which will be populated based on user profile. Having said that i m looking for best recommended approach so that content author or for that reason any developer in ....

Sofia Sofia: 16 hours ago


Is there a way to identify current layout details with renderings?

I got a scenario where I have different layouts Layout1, Layout2, so on...I have a renderings which is shared among this layouts. Layout1- Rendering -R1 Layout2-Rendering-R1 and so. Now I have situation where I want to identify the layout name or details within this rendering R1. I know this is ....

Paisley Paisley: 17 hours ago


How to properly configure a custom facet in Sitecore 9.1

I have been trying the Sitecore samples to define a custom facet, and it all works if I do it outside from Sitecore. But when I want Sitecore to track the contacts and add data to the custom facet, I get the following error: 18452 23:26:42 ERROR Cannot create tracker. ....

Anthony Anthony: 19 hours ago


Web Forms For Marketers on Content Delivery missing index.cshtml on Sitecore 9.0.1

We have installed WFFM on a Content delivery server and we were following the official documentation the Sitecore website. After installation we saw that the index.cshtml was not deployed in the views folder on the Content delivery server. We checked the installation package for the CD role and found out ....

Savannah Savannah: 20 hours ago