How do I map a list of Templates with Glass Mapper?

I've got a TreeList field on one of my templates that allows me to select multiple templates. I'm having trouble mapping this to my model with Glass Mapper. public class MyModel { private const string FieldId = "{Field-Id-Here}"; public virtual IEnumerable<Template> Templates { get; set; } public virtual IEnumerable<TemplateItem> TemplateItems ....

Lucas Lucas: yesterday


When using WFFM form to create a user, what domain should I use?

I am creating a sign-up form with WFFM and have added a "Create User" save action for the form. There is a domain field on the dialog where the create user save action is edited. Should I create a new domain specifically for these users, or just re-use "extranet" or ....

William William: yesterday


Controller Rendering fields are NOT accessible to edit

I am unable to edit cacheable fields via API and if I edit once from the content editor then I can edit via API. Trying to enable cacheable for all renderings via API at the rendering level. These fields are not in the FIELDS property unless the cacheable section is ....

Daniel Daniel: yesterday


Can I create "Other customers also bought..." recommendations using Sitecore xDB?

I've been trying to figure out, whether or not I can use Sitecore's xDB related functionalities to create a "other customers also bought" recommendation system. The use case would be something like this: a user puts a set of products in a basket-like functionality and proceeds to the checkout. Once ....

Elias Elias: yesterday


How to get Current Item ID in search scope

In Page I used search result to display items from Template, and this template contains "drop link field" I need to filter these results like that I need to use "Current Item ID" in search scope to filter results, IS There a way to get Context Item in scope??? ....

Stella Stella: yesterday


Multireference field types in C#

I know that Treelist and Checklist fields are of Type MultilistField in C#, but I need to know the C# types for the following field types: TreelistEx Multilist MultilistWithSearch ....

Everett Everett: yesterday


Difference between FieldIDs.EnableItemFallback and FieldIDs.EnableLanguageFallback

I am currently setting my items in Sitecore programmatically: item.Fields.Value = "0"; This makes my non-English version to not have a fallback from EN. But then I noticed that there's also this: item.Fields.Value = "0"; and this: item.Fields.Value = "0"; What is the difference? using Sitecore 8.2 ....

Santiago Santiago: 2 days ago


Get sxa component rendering parameter into variant data-attribute field

I'm currently trying to get rendering parameters from a component into a variant data-attribute, is this possible ootb in sitecore 9.3 ? I heard about Scriban but i'm still new to that. For example: I have a Link component wich i added a parameter, this component is using a Variant ....

Ethan Ethan: 2 days ago


How to restrict file being uploaded to Media Library folder in WFFM MVC

By default files are getting uploaded to the media library folder. How do I make WFFM upload the files to a different path by default? This is in MVC WFFM forms. ....

Waylon Waylon: 2 days ago


How to retrieve list of Non Selected Items from MultiListField?

I'm trying to get a list of all available/non selected items in from a MultilistField. I know you can use this to get the selected items applicationField.GetItems() How do I go about getting the list of available items to use? Thanks! ....

Austin Austin: 2 days ago