How to retrieve list of Non Selected Items from MultiListField?

I'm trying to get a list of all available/non selected items in from a MultilistField. I know you can use this to get the selected items applicationField.GetItems() How do I go about getting the list of available items to use? Thanks! ....

Austin Austin: 2 days ago


Sorting inherited template fields

I have a page template inheriting from base templates. But when I go to edit those from Experience Accelerator, Page metadata, Other dialog, they are in a strange order. It seems like its grabbing the first item from each template, then the second item from each template and so on... ....

Joseph Joseph: 2 days ago


Sitecore log analyzer supported on latest versions?

I noticed that the Sitecore Log Analyzer on market place does not say anything about the latest Sitecore versions and whether it is supported or not. I have used it on 8 and it was working fine but haven't tried on versions 8.1 and 8.2. Do you know if this ....

Amir Amir: 2 days ago


Changing the datasource for a dropdown list field in a form on a page

According to the docs (, you can add items to a list field in forms either as a static set of values, or a dynamic datasource. However, I need to create a field that can switch the datasource on the fly, based on the selection of another field. For example, ....

Madelyn Madelyn: 2 days ago


how to upgrade the sitecore packages from 9.2 to 9.3 using nuget

I am a newbie in sitecore. I have install sitecore Version 9.3 and I have the visual studio solution file with version 9.2(it contains sitecore 9.2 pacakges) i need to upgrade all the dependecy package from 9.2 to 9.3 using nuget or nuget console. ....

Colton Colton: 3 days ago


Does Sitecore support SAML?

I'm aware of and have successfully used the AD module for numerous Sitecore implementations but I have a requirement to support SAML so that a non-AD based authentication provider can be used. Does Sitecore support SAML? If not, are there modules that would allow me to connect to various SSO ....

Eleanor Eleanor: 3 days ago


Custom Attribute in Style tags in SXA <link rel=preload>

Our site is currently implemented in SXA 1.5 and Sitecore 8.2 instance. We generate the styles through the following code in our Main Layout file: AssetLinks assetLinks = AssetLinksGenerator.GenerateLinks(new ThemesProvider()); @foreach (string style in assetLinks.Styles) { @Html.Raw(style) } Thus we have the following generated link for Styles (Style optimization set ....

Isabella Isabella: 3 days ago


The constructor to deserialize an object of type is not found

I'm trying to set a validation rule for max.length on a text field. The following code works. For the related item, if the text entered is more than 100 chars., it shows the sitecore validation messages. However, in the content editor, if I click on Validate button in the Review ....

Audrey Audrey: 3 days ago


redirect to error page if requested language in URL not configured

we have multilingual (FR / EN ) website .the issue is if we test with others language in URL like www/ empty site will disply our requirement is to redirect to error page in case if langue not configured or content version is 0 . ....

Amelia Amelia: 3 days ago


Workbox - hide states that have zero items?

One of our UX people are asking whether we can hide workflow states that have zero items. I can't seem to find anything that would relate to this in the workflow state template or in the core database for the workbox item, so I thought I would check here. Running ....

William William: 3 days ago