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How to get published pages which are published in Last 24 Hours

How to get Publication and Pages list from Publishing Queue Using Coreservices, which are published in Last 24hours. we are using SDL Tridion Sites 9.1.0 ....

Colton Colton: 14 hours ago


Publishing changes to Preview from Workflow

We have a program which automatically creates Tridion component We are adding that component to a component presentation using Static Component template and publishing the page. When there are updates to the component even though component is getting published t preview stage, changes are not getting reflected as always considered ....

Sophie Sophie: 19 hours ago


profiling and personalisation using microservice

Is it possible to use web8 microservice (oData) to achieve profiling and personalisation? if yes where I can find documentation for the same? ....

Adrian Adrian: yesterday


Publishing stuck at Waiting For Deployment state

On a T2013SP1 environment which was working perfectly well for a long time, I suddenly get all publish items stuck at 'Waiting for Deployment' state. I checked in the (linux based) deployer logs and there are no errors, and indeed the content is published to the broker database and *.state.xml ....

Greyson Greyson: yesterday


Threads in Tridion Event System

I am trying to implement Wrokflow on unpublishing of pages in Tridion 2013 SP1. I have a doubt about number of threads in Event System while Un-Publishing What my approach is as follows : I am creating a new bundle X or getting the already created bundle X on each ....

Austin Austin: yesterday


Any way to delete or move published pages in Publication

Is there any way to delete or move published pages. I have many publication targets, I don't know if we could find publication targets to which page is published. There are some unwanted pages in my publication which I am using no more. So I thought I would delete them. ....

James James: yesterday


The type or namespace name 'Component' could not be found (are you missing a using directive or an assembly reference?), yet references are added

I've just downloaded my favourite extension from Tridion World, which are the generic set of TBBs for a classic implementation: I've added all the references from the Tridion/bin/client folder, but I'm getting many compilation errors where none of the Tridion classes are recognized: The type or namespace name 'Component' ....

Emily Emily: yesterday


Content Porter error while importing using LB URL

Using Tridion Sites 9.5. We got a scaled-up CM servers setup and use a load balancer to distribute the load on CM servers. When content porter is connected with LB URL for importing a package, the import process is often failing with the reason "invalid import package". If the URL ....

Naomi Naomi: yesterday


Can we add multiple css classes through the FormatAreaStyles CSS?

Well I would be super happy if you can help me out with one of my issues. I am a GUI guy and use Tridion but do not have a great deal of knowledge about it. 1) Can we have 2 classes in one option in the dropdown? For example ....

Natalie Natalie: yesterday


What is a Scoped Repository Key?

In the Topology Manager, the following entities have a property called ScopedRepositoryKeys (in each case a collection of String): Website WebApplication CdTopology CdEnvironment As far as I can tell, the only use to which this property is put is the configuration of Site Types to support the Site Wizard, so ....

Zoey Zoey: yesterday