GUI Performance impact of minification = false?

What is the performance impact of turning minification in the GUI to false? I am asking because I have a GUI extension that breaks when minification is enabled but works fine when it is turned off. Would it be slower on the first load and then just as fast as ....

Cooper Cooper: 6 days ago


Click trail in ADF or SmartTarget triggers?

Jan Horsman clarified SmartTarget triggers in this answer ( How would we implement a trigger (for SmartTarget 2014) that "matches on part of the URL" for the current and/or past pages visited in a given session? The use case would be: based on a visitor's path through a site, promote ....

Ivy Ivy: 6 days ago


Discovery Service not awake on server startup

I have installed my live and staging services (CDaaS) on the same machine: Live Discovery + Content + Live Deployer + Context Staging Discovery + Preview + Staging Deployer All the services work fine until the server restarts. When the server restarts the Discovery Services show to be running in ....

Ivy Ivy: 6 days ago


Adding or removing action parameters in mailing statistics

We have enabled outbound email tracking for both email opening and clicking of links as per the documentation. However, we do not require "Profile Update" functionality in newsletter emails. Mailing statistics provide default action parameters (screenshot below). Is it possible to remove default action parameters from this list. For example: ....

Oliver Oliver: 1 weeks ago


Difference in Ambient Data Framework, Context Engine, and Wrapper Features?

I'm trying to understand the the Context Engine Cartridge and Wrapper features built on ADF. Here's research and questions on how to manage the relationship between claims, device families, and XPM preview features. The ADF ( (requires login ( explain claims deal with Web server data along with explicit) data ....

Athena Athena: 1 weeks ago


Accessing the EntityModel values in Page Template

I have a Page Template where Region and Entities exists. I want to get an attribute value in EntityModel in a PageTemplate and render it. I had kept the variable in request,page scopes but was not successful. Is there anyway we can accomplish it. ....

Willow Willow: 1 weeks ago


Enable DD4T Logging - Page Not Found

I'm getting a "Page Not Found" error from DD4T, but I'm not sure why. How do I enable logging for DD4T? I'm getting the other CD log messages, but I don't see anything for DD4T. ....

Ethan Ethan: 1 weeks ago


Issue with configuring logging on the Content Manager server

I am facing some fundamental issue with configuring logging on the Content Manager server. SDL-2011 SP1 Issue: When i put the log.level="WARN" its creating the log files but with no data into it Its working fine it i change the log.level="ALL" or "INFO". I cant make it "ALL" or "INFO" ....

Dylan Dylan: 2 weeks ago


How many Discovery Service DB is required on clustered Web environment?

There are 5 Web-AP servers on Web site for fault tolerance. And Discovery Service and Deployer Service is installed into all 5 servers, to enable publishing even if some servers are down. I configured 2 Discovery Services to use same DB, but error occured when executing discovery-registration.jar. At first discovery-registration.jar ....

Emery Emery: 2 weeks ago


ODATA with keywords

I'm new in Tridion 2013 and I would like to use ODATA. If I have a keywords with a Metadata Schema where we add some information related with the keyword. Can I insert in ODATA the information? (not just the title, description and key. The information in the metadata schema ....

Emily Emily: 2 weeks ago