Get Polylang available languages on admin page of my plugin

I am making an plugin, and inside my admin page (Which i add by add_menu_page() function) i call this function pll_the_languages()) but its return nothing,on client side its work fine. I added many languages on Polylang setting page. How can i get Polylang available languages from an admin page ? ....

Skylar Skylar: 3 hours ago


WooCommerce show decimals in totals

Learning PHP and a little stuck on a fairly straight forward issue. I am trying to edit my WooCommerce invoice This code <?php echo $sign.number_format($order->get_subtotal(),2); ?> Returns $50.98 This code $first_number = $order->get_subtotal(); Returns a variable of 51, it rounds up as the ,2 is missing. How do I add ....

Piper Piper: 3 hours ago


Remove users access to dashboard

As far I know, the widgets in the dashboard can be removed, but I want to ask if its possible to remove the access to dashboard completely and allow access to only post-new.php page? Thanks. ....

Isaac Isaac: 3 hours ago


Update wordpress theme without customization loss

My client asked me to update his theme. I have listened that when theme updated all of custom code is overwritten. Now I want your clarification in following things: How can I check that weather the theme has custom coding or not, How can I safely update the theme without ....

Andrew Andrew: 4 hours ago


Trying to use "Medium" featured image for custom post type on home page

I'm iterating over a custom post type that uses an image from the media library for each item. The images are being rendered for each one correctly with the right size, but for some reason it is loading the full image instead of the medium, which is greatly affecting my ....

Piper Piper: 4 hours ago


Change the filename format of saved featured images

Does anyone know how I could change the way wordpress saves the featured image's additional image sizes? Right now I have the main image saving like so: test_builder_banner_2.jpg and for each additional image size it saves like so: test_builder_banner-610x260.jpg All I want to do is get rid of the "-" ....

Lily Lily: 4 hours ago


mod_rewriting conflict with WP permalinks in htaccess

I need some help! I'm trying to rewrite this... localhost/blog/?c=var to-> localhost/blog/var But seems there is some problem... I get a 500 :( I also believe there is some conflict with the default rules of wordpress too. This is my entire htaccess: <IfModule mod_rewrite.c> RewriteEngine On RewriteBase /blog/ RewriteCond %{REQUEST_FILENAME} ....

Ezekiel Ezekiel: 4 hours ago


Watermark images only for some users

I have a simple thing I would like to achieve, or at least I thought it was. This is the problem/challenge: My customer uploads images for sale to a WordPress site. All images other than the original one is set to be watermarked, but the original sized on is left ....

Charlotte Charlotte: 5 hours ago


Remove Featured Images from Posts Older Than a Certain Date

I run a network of sites, with hundreds of editors, and lately we've had image copyright trolls coming after us. Most of these images are a year old or older, so we're looking to remove all images from posts older than 6 months. Currently, I've written a plugin that removes ....

Noah Noah: 5 hours ago


Wordpress logo upload option in theme panel

Hello every one i am facing one issue in adding logo option in my theme panel of wordpress i am using this code function logo_display() { ?> <input type="file" name="logo" /> <?php echo get_option('logo'); ?> <?php } function handle_logo_upload() { if(!empty($_FILES)) { $urls = wp_handle_upload($_FILES, array('test_form' => FALSE)); $temp = ....

Camila Camila: 5 hours ago