Remove the 'Attachment Details' section of the wordpress media manager

I'm using the new WP media manager for a branding plugin (well, new from 3.5), and it is working well. My only issue is that I have an 'Attachment Details' area on the right, allowing users to edit, delete and generally mess with images. Is there a way to remove ....

Jaxon Jaxon: 8 hours ago


How to change text depending on the country

a few texts fields on the site need to be different in one specific country on (Category & Custom home page) Eg: Class 1 (India) Grade 1 (UK) First Grade (US) Any idea on how I could do this ? ....

Brielle Brielle: 8 hours ago


hard code shortcode only on specific category

I am looking to embed several shortcodes into my post template, but I want the tags to be conditional to a specific category (and subcats). I've looked through the codex, but I'm unsure where to start. ....

Natalie Natalie: 8 hours ago


How to add custom tab page in backend?

I would like to learn about create page and tab in admin panel. Please let me know useful hook and filter list. ....

Scarlett Scarlett: 8 hours ago


Replying to comments

As the administrator for our blog, can I post replies to comments as someone else. If so, how do I do this? Each time I try to post a reply, it says it is coming from me and I want it to look as if it is coming from the ....

Sadie Sadie: 8 hours ago


How to pass argument to add_action while the method is inside a class?

in my functions.php I have require 'autoloader.php'; add_action('init', 'MyClass::make'); and in my MyClass class I have class MyClass { public static function make($type) { var_dump($type);die; } } but the output of var_dump is string(0) "". What I want is to pass the argument to this class as $type. What I ....

Lucy Lucy: 8 hours ago


creating a custom shop page display on archive woocommerce

Hello guys how are you? i am not that good at developing websites and i need to have more experience. can you guys help me? i had an idea on the screenshot i have on the link below. as you can see i want the circled one to be a ....

Mila Mila: 9 hours ago


Adjust which tempalte a page uses with a function?

I know if I had a page that had a permalink such as /stories/ then I could create a page in my template called page-stores.php and it would load in place of the default page.php when that page loaded (see Template Hierarchy (http://codex.wordpress.org/Template_Hierarchy)) What I want to know is if ....

Eli Eli: 9 hours ago


Good Solution for Adding jQuery Tabs Anywhere Within WordPress?

Is there any solution for using jQuery tabs within the native WordPress scripts? If you know of a way to get any method of jQuery tabs working on the frontend and the backend please share your solution. I have tried implementing jQuery Tabs (http://jqueryui.com/tabs/) (example source available at link) Dependencies: ....

Ryleigh Ryleigh: 9 hours ago


Display custom taxonomy posts of custom post types

I have created a custom post type "Portfolio" and a custom taxonomy "Kind" which includes "Websites", "Graphics", "Programming". What I want to do is to create 3 different pages "Websites", "Graphics" etc. that will display the appropriate items as a list. This is my code to display "Portfolio" posts : ....

Evelyn Evelyn: 9 hours ago