Automatically transferring info from Casenote to indivudial client form

Mason: 5 days ago

How do I automatically populate the individual contact form with information from the case note (civicase)? I'm using Wordpress.

I'm using civicases for our intake sheets and I've chosen that because I want a single computer form to take the information down. I know I can use profiles new individual to populate the client information but I need some information in both the case note and the client form. I'm looking for a way to automatically include the information,which is collected through custom fields into the newly created individual and to do the reverse if the client calls back (i.e that info collected automatically populates into the case note).

any advice?

Hailey: 5 days ago

if the process you are using is via New Case, then you get the option to Add New Individual if the contact does not exist.

In that case you can modify the New Individual profile and add additional core or custom fields to that so you can add the info you require to your contact.