Issue with Drupal 8 CiviCRM Views + CiviCRM event

Jaxson: 2 weeks ago

Does anyone know how to create a Drupal view to show only future/upcoming CiviCRM events in Drupal 8? I tried by adding the Event start date as filter but it doesn't provide the filtering options to set the date or choose an offset like it did in D7.

Sophia: 2 weeks ago

I just checked and this is working using the latest D8 CiviCRM Entity - it is under development, so best to use the latest directly from its GitHub Repo:

If you're interested in helping us to advance/accelerate this development - consider becoming a Maker/sponsor of the D8 integration projects (D8 Webform CiviCRM and D8 CiviCRM Entity) modules.

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