Mcrypt is required on OS X Mavericks 10.9.4

Aubrey: 5 days ago

I'm stuck on the /admin/install page, getting an error "Can't run Craft :(" saying that Mcrypt is required.

I've tried installing with Homebrew, but kept getting an error. So, I installed mcrypt manually using these instructions on Stack Overflow ( PHP and Mcrypt are installed:

$ which php

$ which mcrypt

And in my php.ini file I've added:

(I've also tried including the path extension=/usr/local/bin/

In the ;extension area (around line 880).

Even after restarting Apache, I still get the same error that "Mcrypt isn't installed" from Craft.

Emery: 5 days ago

Here's all you need:

Works like a charm.

Update: to use brew, you have to specify the version of PHP for it to work. For example:

brew install mysql php54-mcrypt