Article title and category not bolding

Paisley: 2 weeks ago

We upgraded to 3.8.1 and since the upgrade the article titles and categories are not bolding as they did in the past. We have an article-category module and I checked the tabs to see if there was anything there regarding the bolding of titles and I didn't find anything. Does anyone know where I can fix this problem? Thanks!

Mia: 2 weeks ago

I suspect that you had overridden some core code to add header tags to that module, and that the update has patched that core files, as it should.

If you copy modules/mod_articles_category/tmpl/default.php to templates/YOURTEMPLATE/html/mod_articles_category/default.php then you can override this file properly.

From Wayback Machine, it looks like

<div class="mod-articles-category-group"><?php echo $group_name; ?></div>

had been changed to

<h4><?php echo $group_name; ?></h4>

and a <h4> had been wrapped around the article title link.

That said, it is probably going to be simplest/best to just do this with styles - I don't see why it needed an override in the first place as both items can be referenced without needing any new html.

.mod-articles-category-group will reference the category title, and .mod-articles-category-title the link title.