Cancel part of an order?

Roman: 2 weeks ago

I've got an order with two items - and one is out of stock.

What's the proper way to cancel only one item?

If I invoice and ship one item, I end up with a hanging item. And if I hit the cancel button on the order, it still keeps the order total at the original amount and says the customer still owes money ... e.g.

Grand Total: $400 Total Paid: $200 Total Due: $200

But that total due should be zero, as the item's been cancelled. What should I be doing here?

(Magento seems to think that instead of cancelling, I should invoice and refund offline, but that seems ridiculous.)

Using Magento 1.7. Payment is via ... And it's authorize only, rather than authorize & capture.

Sophia: 2 weeks ago

The 'solution' in the short term was to invoice the entire thing, and then refund for the item that wasn't in stock.