How to disable Paypal from just one of the stores in a multi-store setup?

Elena: 20 May 2022

I have Magento 1.9.1 with Paypal Payments Pro (Includes Express Checkout) and Express Checkout. I don't see how to disable those in just one of the stores? When I switch to the Configuration scope for the other store - it does not give me the option to disable it...Any ideas? :-*

Xavier: 20 May 2022

It can be done, but it depends on the way your multi-store is setup.

From the fact that you can't disable the PayPal payment method I conclude that you are running a multi-store setup with storeviews. As far as I know standard Magento functionality does not allow you to disable/enable payment methods on a storeview level.

When your store is configured with multiple websites you should be able to disable/enable payment methods on a per-website level.

Some alternatives based on creating modules are presented here: How to restrict payment methods by store? ( and here: Disable or hide Paypal on specific store view ( I have not tested these approaches though.