Field level access to the particular user for the particular record

Isabella: 5 days ago

I have a scenario, Account "phone" field is only accessible to the system administrator and for normal user its locked. We have the requirement as if normal user want to change "phone" for the particular Account record he will create a case. After verifying case System admin will give the access to the "phone" field of that Account record.

How can we achieve this ?

Isaac: 5 days ago

The fastest way for to do this as i see it if you create two page layouts.

1. Page layout for normal user, without the phone field

2. Page layout for normal user, with the phone field

If the user wants to get that information as you mentioned, he creates a case. Then when the system admin approve the case, he can just switch from page layout one(without the phone field) to page layout two(with the phone field)