Display User Profile Property on the editprofile.aspx page?

Natalia: 2 weeks ago

I have mapped the "Mobile Number" property to Active Direcotry and want to display the "mobile number" field on the "editprofile.aspx" page without allowing the user to edit the property. It is not being displayed if I make field to "do not allow the user to edit the property". What could be the issue? and fix?

Isabella: 2 weeks ago

Browse to the User Profile service application and select the manage user properties link. From here, find the mobile number field and select the edit item from the item context menu.

Once in there, scroll down to the Display Settings section and check the "Show on the Edit Details page" option.

You may also want to check the "Show in the profile properties section of the user's profile page" option.

If you have not already done so, you will want to map the property for import since it will not automatically map to all fields in AD, only a set of predefined fields. You can define the mapping at the bottom of the page.

Click OK when you are finished to save the changes.