Filter list view with url parameter. Strange behavior in Internet Explorer (SharePoint 2013)

Ryan: 2 weeks ago

I have a link opening the listview AllItems.aspx with specific filter parameter in the url which works fine. But if the user tries to change the filter of the prefiltered column, e.g. by selecting "Include Descendants" or "Clear Filters from [ColumnName]" I get a strange behavior in Internet Explorer.

While it works in Firefox and the url parameters get changed, in Internet Explorer a set of (strange encoded) parameters will be added after the initial url paramters. The added paramters beginning with #InplviewHash will not be processed by the borwser and for the user nothing changes.



Initial URL:


After selecting "Include Descendants":


Internet Explorer

Initial URL:


After selecting "Include Descendants":


Does anyone have experiences with this behavior and knows how to solve it. Seems like this happens only in Internet Explorer, but I didn't test it in Chrome.

Thanks for help!

Amelia: 2 weeks ago

The new page added in layouts folder "inplview.aspx". When paging, sorting or filtering happens there is an AJAX call to the inplview.aspx and it returns a JSON based result set. That is the rows of the defined list view webpart. The "inplview.aspx" generates the "inplviewhash" tag and appends it with "#" in url.