How to remove/hide the "What's Hot" link from my Discussion board inside SharePoint online 2013?

Hunter: 2 weeks ago

I am working on SharePoint online 2013. and inside a Team site collection i added a new "Discussion Board" APP. now by default I got this views/filters:-

enter image description here

Now I am trying to remove the view/filter named "What's Hot" & "Featured", but could not find any link which allow me to remove/hide them. so can anyone advice on these please ?

Waylon: 2 weeks ago

Put a Script Editor Webpart under your Discussion Webpart and put following CSS into it

.ms-comm-forumContainer .ms-pivotControl-surfacedOpt[aria-label="What's hot"]{

.ms-comm-forumContainer li[text="Featured"]{

Replace Texts as you want