SPAuditEntry MachineName and MachineIP properties

Emma: 2 weeks ago

I am using the SharePoint Audit Query to build a custom audit log system.
For each hit, I need also the machine name or machine IP.
On the object SPAuditEntry there are two MachineName and MachineIP but are always empty.

From MSDN documentation ( :

In SharePoint Foundation, this property is always a null reference

I am using SP2013 Enterprise on prem.
How can I get these information?

Carter: 2 weeks ago

I figured out that there properties are disabled by design (really? lol).

The values in the MachineIP column and in the MachineName column appear as NULL because of privacy concerns. By design, Windows SharePoint Services 3.0 works in this manner.

I think is it possible to trace these information looking into IIS Logs.

Auditing for a site collection in Windows SharePoint Services 3.0 (
Why are my SharePoint Audit Logs missing the MachineName and MachineIP data? (