Workflow SharePoint 2010

Aiden: 19 May 2022

I am extremely new at SharePoint Designer. That being said, I need to set up a work flow to send an email to when a data is added to a field in a list. The email address would come from another list on the same page. We have a program where you choose the office and plant to send issues. Both are drop down and are in a list with an assigned email address. I did not create this. When the office creates the original issue for the plant an email is sent to the plant. There is a response item in the list. My manager would like a email sent back to the office when the plant enters a response. Any help would be greatly appreciated. I have tried to created the workflow and have been unsuccessful.

This is the work flow enter image description hereenter image description here

The emails addresses would not go in the list without hyperlink. But the work flow is Lookup as text.

Anna: 19 May 2022

First, you can use a Lookup instead of a choice dropdown to get email addresses of offices. Then you can include the email address from the email list in the settings for the office lookup field.

Lookup field settings

Then in your workflow, use the Wait for field to change action to wait for your Response field: Wait for Response to not equal Current Item:Response.

Then send your email with the Send Email action, with the "To" address being Current Item:Office:Email as Lookup Value (as Text)