Content variable in sitecore fields

Ayla: 19 May 2022

I got a scenario where i want to add variable in content say multiline text. This variable is kind of link which will be populated based on user profile. Having said that i m looking for best recommended approach so that content author or for that reason any developer in future should not delete or overlooked this variable and publish it without any checks. I may add validation for field and provide help text to deal with this. Is there any better approach to tackle this?

Sofia: 19 May 2022

You can use one of the modules already available for this.

Context from what the link covers:

TokenManager preview

It’s been a while since my last blog post, that’s because I’ve been working hard on a sitecore extension. I’m in the process of working out the last bugs but here’s a preview of what it will be capable of.

Where is it used?

It is found in the Telerik editor from a rich text field.

what is a token?

A token is a small chunk of text that is dynamically replaced with something else when the rich text field is rendered.

Why use tokens?

The most basic of uses is to use tokens to store common information that will change at the same time on every page, such as a customer service phone number, or address. However I’ve devised several more use cases that the TokenManager will be able to accomplish