Running PowerShell scripts without using Sitecore PowerShell Extensions module

Ryleigh: 19 May 2022

We are facing some issues with Lucene during installation of PowerShell Extensions module (SPE).

Is there any option to run Sitecore scripts from Windows PowerShell?

I mean that I will just add some route to PowerShell instance or make some config changes and it can be used similarly as web based PS extension?

Running Sitecore 8.2 Update 5 and tried to install SPE 4.7 for Sitecore 8.

Thanks for any advises.

Cameron: 19 May 2022

There is an option of performing the minimal installation, which does not make use of Sitecore items.

You can find more details on the security page ( in the book.

The Sitecore Marketplace has the minimal installation package, which is a standard zip file of configs and dlls that are dropped into your Sitecore bin/App_Config directories.