TDS error: Sitecore web URL is not correct

Zoey: 5 days ago

When I am trying to test TDS connection with Sitecore, it is failing at the very first step i.e. "Ensure Sitecore web URL is correct". However, URL is correct and I am able to browse the website with the same URL.

Layla: 5 days ago

Quick pointers to check:

  1. Are you able to login to your Sitecore site? Try connecting while you are logged in to Sitecore in the Browser. I had faced this issue at times when I am not logged in to Sitecore, the connectivity fails.
  2. See if you have the VS open as an administrator.
  3. Check if the webroot has all the required access permissions.
  4. Check the Sitecore deploy path is set correctly as per the site URL.
  5. If you still face the issue, you should be able to see more info about the issue in the "Output" window if you switch to "Team Development for Sitecore" from the "Show Output From" dropdown.