Web Forms For Marketers on Content Delivery missing index.cshtml on Sitecore 9.0.1

Emily: 19 May 2022

We have installed WFFM on a Content delivery server and we were following the official documentation the Sitecore website. After installation we saw that the index.cshtml was not deployed in the views folder on the Content delivery server.

We checked the installation package for the CD role and found out the index.cshtml was not in the package also.

The package we are using is: Web Forms for Marketers 9.0 rev. 171209_cd.scwdp

How to fix the issue of the missing index.cshtml?

Savannah: 19 May 2022

This is an error with the Azure wdp packages that are available for download from the Sitecore Developer site.

If you open up the downloaded zip, e.g. Packages for XM, and inspect the contents using an application such as 7-zip ( you will notice that the Content\Website\Views\Form folder is empty and contains no files:


For the exact same version of WFFM, if you check the package for the CM instance then you will see that the Views exists as would expect.


To resolve the error, you can repacked the CD wdp with the missing files (you should be able to replace the entire Content folder) and use that for your deployments.

You should also raise this issue with Sitecore Support to fix since the original packages have been generated incorrectly.