Custom action just after commit deployment phase of publishing transaction

Roman: 6 days ago

Is it possible to invoke some custom action just after commit deployment phase of publishing transaction? If Yes, can you provide me some references towards it?

I know that we can use deployer extension that gets executed during deploy/undeploy phases. However I am looking for the custom action to get executed just after commit deployment phase.

Dylan: 6 days ago

The easiest way to do this is to create a module, deriving from com.tridion.deployer.Module. This module can then be placed in a separate Processor node in your cd_deployer_conf.xml, where you can add a phase to the configuration element, which in your case would then be: post-transaction.

In total it would look like this:

    <Processor Action="Deploy" Class="com.tridion.deployer.Processor" Phase="post-transaction">
         <Module Type="PageDeploy" Class="my.custom.package.PostTransactionDeploy">

This can also be done for the Undeploy action.

Alternatively, you could have a look at the SI4T Storage Extension (, where it is also possible to do stuff post-transaction.